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What To Wear? Black Men Chime In On What Styles They Find Sexy

Women undoubtedly rack their brains trying to determine what men like when it comes to defining “sexy”. Well, I took to social media and asked a few of my closest male friends how they defined a ‘sexy look’ and specifically what they like to see women wear.   One thing is for certain- men like to see a woman wear heels and more often than not they appreciate our fuller curves and clothes that accentuate them more than we probably suspected.   The biggest thing that the men I questioned find sexy is confidence, so use this list as a guide for what to wear the next time you want to make a lasting impression but remember, your underlying confidence and inner light is what will ultimately be your best accessory.

Keep it simple

While we spend time fretting over what to wear, some men just like us to keep it simple. Why not pair skinny jeans with your favorite blouse or statement tee for the ultimate in simple chic.

Daryl C-45, Financial Advisor  “Simplicity is always the best option i.e. simple dress, shoes etc”

Curvy Divas really DO rock!

One of the unanimous qualities the men I polled found attractive was a woman who was not afraid to show off her curves.  Choose figure-enhancing dresses that highlight all of your best assets.

Curtis C-41, Managing Partner-“ I like a woman with curves, so something that shows off her curves and sexiness but with some class to it”.

Shoe Stopper

Okay… lean closer men appreciate it when we rock a good heel.  I don’t know if it is the influence of the many rap songs that expound on the virtues of “red bottoms” or what but just about every man I asked mentioned that they love to see a woman rock a heel. I am all about a well made (and comfortable!) stiletto and apparently the men in our lives take notice when we wear them so find a brand that you love, that offer up equal parts form and fashion and stop him in his tracks.

Deaven W- 28, Bus Driver- “ Sexy shoes bring it all together”.


This will likely come as no surprise but men like it when we show a little skin- the key though is to keep it sexy- give them an appetizer, not an all you can eat buffet when showing a flash of thigh, or a glimpse of “the girls”.  A nice pencil skirt with just a wee bit of a shorter hemline him can be classy, chic and give him something to think about.

Jamal F- 31  Distribution Agent- “ Show a little skin! Men like visual aides so why not give a little peek here and there”.


Lisa Brown-Hall is  defined as The Ghetto Fashionista keeps her eyes peeled to the runway AND the hood. She is an established blogger and fashion consultant.  Follow Lisa on Twitter at @GhettoFashnista

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