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Survival Tips For Getting Through St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and well…I’m indifferent. A part of me is like ” Eeh, I’m single and dateless…so what…I have a deadline on an article anyway…” The other, more  emotional and die hard romantic, part of me is like  ” Another lonely Valentine’s Day…that’s two years in a row… what part of the game is this?!”

Last year this time, I was starting a new job, some temp position… nothing major, and meeting “Coroporate Thug” *GAG*. I had a blog then and I wrote an interesting post entitled “Could the story of Cupid and Psyche be the blueprint for REAL love?”, which can be read  here if you so please…because THIS POST RIGHT HERE is about survival!

 Here are several simple survivor tips for getting through St. Valentine’s Day:

 1)      Be grateful for your singlehood!- No emotional rollercoasters provoked by significant others, more freedom, and instead of spending money on a gift for someone else…use this as an excuse to treat yourself!

2)      Be with family and/or friends!- Yes, I understand that this doesn’t end with a night of hot passionate sex, believe it or not a lot of couples aren’t either, BUT that’s not what love is all about.Try out the other forms of love from your already established relationships, you might find that they’re much more satisfying.

3)      Go to a V-Day singles event!-  It might sound cheesy or even desperate, but you’re not the only one riding solo dolo…someone just as eligible as you might be there…how will you meet them if you’re not?

4)       Get some work done! – Get something done that you’ve been meaning to do for a while. Don’t subcumb to feelings of the lonely or unloved; instead channel those feelings into a positive by accompolishing a task that far outweighs the minor importance of Cupid’s commercial holiday.

5)      Pick up your Bible and read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 – How can you try to look/receive love when you don’t even know the proper defintion of it?

Please believe I will be practicing what I preach; who knows I may even have a date after Atlanta’s PlayDate event this weekend! #POW

Here’s to ladies receiving their Cupid and men finding their Psyche, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



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