05 May 2015

Dating In The ATL: The Good, The Bad And The Unbelievable

So what’s it really like to date in Atlanta as a woman in her 40’s? It varies. The vast majority of the dates I’ve been on have been disastrous. I’ve been on dates with all kinds of men in an effort to figure out if I can be flexible in

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30 Jan 2014

It’s Crazy As Hell In The A-T-L: And It’s Not Just The Weather!

This is not my normal kind of blog post, but after this week in the Peach State I had to take commentary that I usually save for Twitter and drop into a full blown article. LOL!!! Low and behold if the dung heap ain’t deep in the A-T-L this week.

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22 Feb 2013

Top 10 Wedding Destinations For Black Couples

Whether you’re single or are currently seeing that special someone, there’s nothing quite like planning your future wedding. You can never be too prepared when it comes to this magical day in your life. From choosing the destination to the venue, right down to what type of food you’d like

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16 Mar 2012

That ISH Cray: Why Bobbi Kristina Needs Her A$$ Whipped!

Herrrreeee we GO!!!  Looks like Miss Bobbi got the Houston/ Brown drama-gene for sure.  According to TMZ Krissy is dating her adopted bother Nick Gordon.  Nick was some kind of wayward kid with home troubles that Whitney unofficially adopted.  I’m not quite sure how long Nick has been a part of

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15 Aug 2011

Cocaine Cowboy

There is a first time for everything… He was chocolaty, 28, no kids, well groomed, an engineer for a Fortune 500 company, spiritual, AND funny with a Master’s from Cornell University. Everything was cool…until he dropped THIS bomb: “Do you do lines?” My face is contorted now.  “ Lines?” “

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