12 Dec 2014

Six Steps To Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship (Part 3)

Last Friday we discussed steps 3-4 to gaining a healthy financial relationship. Today we conclude with steps 5-6. Step 5: Establish a routine time to sit down and discuss your finances Life is full of ups and downs and changes. It is important to recognize the importance of setting up

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05 Dec 2014

Six Steps To Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship (Part 2)

Last Friday we discussed Step 1-2 of the Six Steps to Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship. Today, we continue with Steps 3-4. Step 3: Learn to control emotions Emotions do exist, so it is often a challenge for most to put emotions aside or at least channel them when discussing

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18 Apr 2013

I Didn’t Give Up On Black Men, They Gave Up On Me!

NOTE: THIS ARTICLE APPEARED IN ITS ENTIRETY ON ESSENCE.COM Yes, you read the title correctly, and I can see your eyebrows raised and neck hairs bristling up.  Don’t hop off the ride just yet. I need you to put on your seat belts and rock with me for a minute.

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05 Feb 2013

Top 20 Most Successful Lies Guys Tell (Includes The ‘Ain’t Sh**’ Translation)

Lying is like a man’s native language. We come straight out the womb speaking it fluently. Before we can even pronounce Mama or Dadda, we use our body language to tell our lies. While some of us grow out of it(partially), there are some who don’t care to venture from our

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12 Sep 2012

5 Ways To Define Love In Your Relationship

Love??? What the hell is that? The Bible tells you there are three different kinds of love. The dictionary, depending on which one you choose, has a bunch of different definitions. They can’t even decide if it’s a noun, verb, or an adjective. And with all that, you with your

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14 Jun 2012

Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis: The Never Before Told Love Story

GREATEST LOVE STORY NEVER TOLD: When we think of Black Love, a few couples come to mind. Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis are always one of the top couples on my list.  Not just because of how much I admired their love and conviction for one another, but also because

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19 Jan 2012

You, Me and WE (pt.1)

Relationships fail and succeed every day but black relationships appear to be a bit different don’t they? It seems as if we stand in direct opposition of one another pointing fingers afraid to recognize the heart of the matter because it’s just too painful to acknowledge. We have managed to

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17 Jan 2012

5 Tips To Help You Live With Your Ex In The Same House

Could you continue to live with your ex if the relationship was over? Many couples are choosing this option in these troubled times as they are so entwined financially. What kind of tips could be offered to make this time bearable for both of these ex partners? Read on…

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13 Jan 2012

7 Love and Relationship Tips

Most relationships, even those built on love, start to fade with time. If both partners do nothing to improve the situation after some time they may hit a dead-end. However, there are a few things that can be done to sustain happy and strong relationship.

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06 Jan 2012

What Inspires You?

Something else or someone else inspired the artist, the songwriter. But what about the person in a regular job? What inspires you?

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30 Dec 2011

Lessons Learned From My Husband

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from my husband.  Some things took longer for me to give him credit for than others.  Here are a few of my favorite lessons. 1. God will always be first in our lives, our family and our home.  I luv the fact that

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20 Dec 2011

Take Responsibility For Your Actions

A few weeks back while having a lively discussion in The Conversation Continues (TCC) it was stated that often times African-Americans want to fall back on racial issues as the reason why we are a certain way without ever accepting responsibility for anything. That got me to thinking; what things

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11 Nov 2011

The Way Things Used to Be

It’s funny. Sometimes we get so comfortable in how things are or how they have become that we forget how things used to be.  More so, we tend to forget that some of the things that we used to do were actually quite productive. We as a nation and as

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30 Sep 2011

How Can I Love You Today?

This is a challenge.  Better yet, it’s a dare.  I know it is a dare because 99% of us probably never or rarely ask our spouse the question … “How can I love you today?”. What do you think would happen if you asked your spouse this question … every

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29 Sep 2011

Fouled Out

Blow the whistle! I can’t take it anymore. There is obviously some personal fouling going on in reality TV. I’m not proud to admit it but I was one of the reportedly 3 million viewers captivated by the drama on the season premiere of Basketball Wives L.A. Just when you

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15 Sep 2011

All Talk…No Action?

I got a little taste of my own medicine with this one.  How often do you say you are going to do something and end up not doing it?  It is probably quite often and you don’t even realize it occurs.  Think about it like this, once you say I’m

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12 Aug 2011

Shooting PAR

I guess I better explain what “par” is first before I proceed … just in case you don’t know golf terminology.  Par is considered to be the number of strokes a golfer is expected to need to complete an individual hole/all holes on the golf course.  I guess with the

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24 Jun 2011

Why Are Some Women Single?

I pondered, “Why Are All of These Beautiful Women Single?” Right off the bat let me make it very clear: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING SINGLE. Being single is only an issue for those who don’t want to be and can’t figure out why. Unsurprisingly, I am going to be

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