05 Apr 2013

Oh Snap,You Messed Up: 8 Tips To Win Back The Woman Of Your Dreams

So if you are reading this, its safe to say that either you want to win back the woman of your dreams.  Either that or you just want to see if this article is full of sh*t (LOL).  You would probably rather have heard this from a dude, but I

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12 Sep 2012

How To Save Your Marriage In 10 Steps Or Less

Our focus here at Black Love Forum is to give our audience the tools to create healthy and long lasting relationships, this includes marriages.  I’m particularly an avid supporter in this area, and I wanted to share some information that my expertise has given me.  If you implement some or

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02 Jan 2012

Marriage – Divorce – Separation – How to Handle the Split Loyalties with Friends After Separation

We have all most probably encountered it at some stage in our lives – who do we stay friends with after a couple divorces or separates? Here we explore some of the main issues involved & explain a simple framework for handling the situation with your divorcing or separating friend.

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16 Nov 2011

Getting A Divorce – Are You Really Ready For Divorce?

It feels like I don’t love him anymore. And maybe so does he. Maybe this is the time to end all of this. You might be thinking like that, but as long as you still have the words ‘like’ and ‘maybe’, you are not ready for divorce.

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07 Sep 2011

Divorce Is a Symptom

Divorce is a symptom not a disease. Divorce is created by the effect of an underlying cause. Divorce requires open heart surgery, not a sticky plaster.

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