27 Aug 2012

The Hardest To Love

Love Hard and Love True. This is the caption I normally end my articles with. I say this because if you love lightly or with minimal effort, the person you are trying to love may not get all the love that’s needed to stay committed in the relationship. A good

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26 Jul 2012

Marriage – What is It’s Purpose?

This is a question I think many husbands and wives ask themselves a lot. I think this is a healthy question that you should always ask yourself.  Another way of phrasing the question, as stated in Tyler Perry’s blockbuster hits, “Why Did I Get Married?”.   Asking yourself this question gives

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13 Feb 2012

Three Extras For V-Day No Money Down

It’s that time of year when you see red everywhere…V-Day aka Valentine’s Day. Many have already looked in their bank accounts to see how much money they have to spend on their mate. Some have decided to go big, while others will go lite simply with the card and flowers.

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