05 May 2015

Dating In The ATL: The Good, The Bad And The Unbelievable

So what’s it really like to date in Atlanta as a woman in her 40’s? It varies. The vast majority of the dates I’ve been on have been disastrous. I’ve been on dates with all kinds of men in an effort to figure out if I can be flexible in

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05 Dec 2014

Six Steps To Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship (Part 2)

Last Friday we discussed Step 1-2 of the Six Steps to Gaining A Healthy Financial Relationship. Today, we continue with Steps 3-4. Step 3: Learn to control emotions Emotions do exist, so it is often a challenge for most to put emotions aside or at least channel them when discussing

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04 Jun 2013

Why Women (Try) To Act Like A Man

Have you ever met a woman who proudly proclaims she “thinks like a man” but in reality she “acts like a man,” when it comes to love matters. She tries to stay in control emotionally by appearing emotion-Less.  She agrees to have sex with no ties, but weeks later she may

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28 May 2013

3 Things That Win a Woman Over Every Time

News flash to all single men out there: You do not have to be the hot, good-looking guy to win over a beautiful woman!  As a matchmaker and dating coach, I have interviewed thousands of single women and, believe it or not, women are actually much less superficial when it

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17 May 2013

Do It Like a Lady: 8 First Date Do’s & Dont’s For Modern Dating

Note: This article appeared on Essence.com in its entirety. Nowadays, a lot of personal interactions have gotten too technical – literally! – and because of it, dating just ain’t what it used to be. Long, late-night phone conversations have been replaced with exchanging short text messages, and you first find

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19 Apr 2013

Who Are You Really In Love With?

Have you ever wondered what attracted you to your mate? What about an ex? If you look a little closer, you may see some traits that closely resemble one of your parents – probably the opposite sex. The saying that, “men marry their mothers” and “women marry their fathers” is

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12 Apr 2013

I’m Looking For A Submission-Worthy Man

This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com For the past 20 years everyone from the honorable pastor to dishonorable playa has been beating Black women over the head with the word submission. And the way it’s used feels more like a four-letter word being flung at us. For the

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06 Apr 2013

7 Reasons Women Should Pay For Dates

My recent post on Essence.com caused quite a kerfuffle.  Read he post in full below. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a woman say “he has to pay to play,” I would own a professional football team by now. That mindset of entitlement totally baffles me.

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02 Apr 2013

Take The Guesswork Out Of Love And Attract Your Soul Mate [FREE VIDEO SERIES]

Are you ready for Love? Start Attracting it NOW Can you believe 50% of U.S. Singles haven’t been on a date in 2 years or more? WOW! Ever feel like you’re deeply connected to a soulmate and just haven’t met them yet?  You know connecting to that person is destined

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26 Feb 2013

He’s Just Not My Type: Why You Keep Attracting Bad News Dudes

So you’re not quite the Next Top Model, but you’re attractive enough so that you do have options. You’re sure of what you want and refuse to settle for less but guys are either turn offs or not who they say they are. Well the problem could be in the

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22 Feb 2013

7 Reasons She Won’t Go Out With You Again

This one is for the fellas, keep in mind that women are fickle beasts with many delicate sensibilities.  Its not our fault, but not only are we bred differently, but we also are affected differently by things that don’t have much of an effect on men.  So when it comes

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05 Feb 2013

Top 20 Most Successful Lies Guys Tell (Includes The ‘Ain’t Sh**’ Translation)

Lying is like a man’s native language. We come straight out the womb speaking it fluently. Before we can even pronounce Mama or Dadda, we use our body language to tell our lies. While some of us grow out of it(partially), there are some who don’t care to venture from our

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05 Feb 2013

Barack & Michelle, Beyonce & JayZ: Stop Idolizing Other People’s Relationships? [VIDEO]

We look at other people’s relationships from the outside and think we know them.  But in all honesty we have no idea what happens within the confines of the connection.  We should focus on creating a relationship that works for you!

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31 Jan 2013

Women Who Make The First Move Are….

…usually women who see what they want, and go after it. There’s this misconception being spread by a particular relationship expert(I won’t call names), that women who make the first move are thirsty and selling themselves short. She, like a lot of women, don’t understand why a man might not be

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14 Dec 2012

Delicious Dating: Are You Giving Your Man Too Much? [VIDEO]

This video is all about giving to your man in proper proportion to where you are in the relationship. That means not paying his rent or bills and you haven’t even made a commitment yet. Best, Trenia

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27 Nov 2012

Delicious Dating: How To Handle Meeting The Family Of Your New Boo [VIDEO]

We are well into Holiday Season and its how time we discussed an awkward situation.  How do you handle meeting the family and friends of your new boo? Trenia P.  lends her expertise.  

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12 Nov 2012

Delicious Dating: Have Black Women Turned Their Backs On Love? [VIDEO]

Trenia Parham urges Black women to heal themselves in a way that makes them open to love again.

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24 Oct 2012

ADVICE: Liking Someone New, But Still Loving Someone Old…

Dear Coach, Help me!  I am in a situation that I have no clue what to do.  I’ve been seeing someone for about 4 weeks, and I like them, but my heart is still with someone else.  I thought I was doing the right thing by moving on, but I

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19 Oct 2012

Delicious Dating: Can Big Girls Get a Man? [VIDEO]

Can a big girl get a man? Does she have significantly fewer choices?  Trenia Parham speaks candidly about Curvy Girl Dating! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Trenia Parham is a dating coach, entrepreneur, speaker, writer and seminar leader and creator of the Delicious Dating Mastery Program. FollowTrenia on Twitter

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10 Oct 2012

One Woman’s Approach To Dating With Herpes: “I’m Always Honest With Potential Parnters”

He works in the building I live in and we have a crush on each other. I like him and he likes me. How do I know? He stepped to me and made it clear. Now, I’ve only let him know in so many words for only one reason. I

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02 Oct 2012

Delicious Dating Tips: No Such Thing As ‘Man Stealing’ [VIDEO]

When a person decides to stray or leave the relationship, its not the other person’s fault!  Women often blame the other woman if their man cheats or leaves the relationship. But he’s the one who should be held responsible. Previous Video Blog “Setting up an online dating profile‘. ABOUT THE

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17 Sep 2012

Lovetown Comes To A-Town: An Evening With Matchmaker Paul C. Brunson

Last weekend I had the pleasure of finally meeting THE Paul C. Brunson in the flesh.  I know what you are thinking WHO??!! Ok, he is the Black matchmaker dude that has that show on the Oprah Winfrey Network where him and the white chick take over a town in

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13 Sep 2012

4 Things You SHOULDN’T Consider When Choosing A Mate

Love is an uncontrollable feeling that overwhelms your mental stability. When people fall in love whether it be with another person, an animal, or a material item, your body gets weak, you have jitters, and your mind is completely consumed on that one thing or one person. Love has no

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31 Aug 2012

HELP! My Girlfriend Is A Slob

He saw you across the room He admired her style He anxiously waited for the 2nd date He gasped when she walked in the door He changed his loafers Now they both wear Prada She invited him to her apartment His jaw hit the floor She never saw him again!

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13 Aug 2012

Down To Earth Dating

Let’s face it!  As much as many of us constantly complain about the availability of worthwhile candidates interested in serious, long-term relationships; we’re still very fortunate, especially, living in Westernized countries.  Within non-western cultures, the freedom to choose who one marries, let alone dates, may not be solely up to

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