04 May 2015

The Season Of My Life!

This article is the continuation of a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others. This is the second article from our first guest blogger: Staci Cash from

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25 Mar 2015

Understanding Turbulence

This article begins a series of articles from guest bloggers as they chronicle their journeys in life. The series will include journeys in health and wellness, life and love, happiness, poverty to prosperity and many others.  Our first guest blogger is Staci Cash from Houston, TX as she “sets the

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18 Mar 2015

Our 5 Favorite Inspirations From New York Fashion Week 2015

Now that the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City (#NYFW) has taken down their elaborate runways and fashion connoisseurs have jetted back home, let’s take a look back at several moments that gave us so much life this year:   Naomi Campbell slaying in Zac Posen. Naomi Campbell is the

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26 Nov 2014

Let’s Talk About Black Relationships

Blackloveforum.com is a website dedicated to Black love and healthy Black relationships. We have spent our entire existence trying to help others to get to a healthier place in their lives. Whether that be emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually or financially. It has been a great premise for years and an

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30 Oct 2014

An Awakened Mindset

If you haven’t been watching lately, you may not know that Black love and Black relationships are supposed to be in an overall state of decline. If you have been watching, you already know that Black love and relationships aren’t the only things in decline. The deterioration of the family

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19 Feb 2014

The Truth About Side Pieces

Being that Valentine’s Day just passed and for the past two weeks I have seen and heard a constant barrage of information about “side chicks”, I felt it was rightfully time for a man to actually speak out about side pieces. Now sit still and hold on tight because what

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05 Jun 2013

4 Things You Should NEVER Say to Your Man

Your man needs you.  After a long day of work, he needs you to listen. When he is unsure of the next move to make, he looks to you for sound advice. And, when he doesn’t feel like he is on his A+ game, he needs you to be his

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04 Jun 2013

Why Women (Try) To Act Like A Man

Have you ever met a woman who proudly proclaims she “thinks like a man” but in reality she “acts like a man,” when it comes to love matters. She tries to stay in control emotionally by appearing emotion-Less.  She agrees to have sex with no ties, but weeks later she may

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28 May 2013

3 Things That Win a Woman Over Every Time

News flash to all single men out there: You do not have to be the hot, good-looking guy to win over a beautiful woman!  As a matchmaker and dating coach, I have interviewed thousands of single women and, believe it or not, women are actually much less superficial when it

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19 Apr 2013

Who Are You Really In Love With?

Have you ever wondered what attracted you to your mate? What about an ex? If you look a little closer, you may see some traits that closely resemble one of your parents – probably the opposite sex. The saying that, “men marry their mothers” and “women marry their fathers” is

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12 Apr 2013

I’m Looking For A Submission-Worthy Man

This post appeared in its entirety on Essence.com For the past 20 years everyone from the honorable pastor to dishonorable playa has been beating Black women over the head with the word submission. And the way it’s used feels more like a four-letter word being flung at us. For the

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05 Apr 2013

Oh Snap,You Messed Up: 8 Tips To Win Back The Woman Of Your Dreams

So if you are reading this, its safe to say that either you want to win back the woman of your dreams.  Either that or you just want to see if this article is full of sh*t (LOL).  You would probably rather have heard this from a dude, but I

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03 Apr 2013

Stop Sabotaging Love – Believe You Deserve It!

Face it, people attract what they believe they deserve.  If you feel like you are not worthy enough to be with an honest person, or live in a good neighborhood, guess what…you will attract those things to your life whether you know it or not. The world is moving toward

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15 Mar 2013

Why My Wife’s Support Translates To Respect

“A man wants to be respected; a woman wants to be loved.” How many times have we heard this?  Implicit in the statement’s reasoning is men and women need two separate things to function well in relationships.  I can’t speak on what feeds a woman’s need to be loved.  I

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21 Dec 2012

Affairs: A Russian Roulette Of Love

Once upon a time, our Love of things was less important than our Love for one another, wanting to be married and have a family was normal. The men, women, children and pets used to play their role. Now, we Love things more, our roles are so mixed up that the pets

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09 Aug 2012

When A Sweet Love Goes Sour: 7 Ways To Show Him Your Appreciation

“I don’t know what’s going on with him; he doesn’t seem to be paying me any attention. He used to always go the extra mile to show me how much he loves me, now it seems like he doesn’t even put forth the effort.  Now that I think about it,

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24 May 2012

The First Wives Club: 8 Tips To Get You Through Your Separation

After reading the article on Rohan Marley’s engagement to this Brazilian model I am totally poignant for Lauryn Hill.  I’m sure we all remember their depressing break-up and how she went from being the an uplifting rapper/singer/actress to singing sad disheartening love songs and shedding tears during her interviews. Granted

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22 May 2012

Love Like In Love (pt.2): The Stages

Love like in-love. In a previous article I spoke of these words as an action couples should be taking to ensure love is being properly expressed and felt within the marriage.  Now I want to look at these words in a different way.  Instead of “LOVE LIKE IN-LOVE”, let’s look

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21 May 2012

The 80/20 Rule: The Grass Is NOT Greener On The Other Side

The perfect relationship; fact or myth? Myth! I have learned from personal experience that the 80/20 rule does exist. A few years ago I found myself peaking over the fence and actually tip toeing to see for myself how much greener the grass could be. But of course when viewing

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16 May 2012

Love Like In Love (pt. 1): The Action

Love like in-love. Simple? No. Challenging? Yes. Achievable? Always. Are you afraid to love your spouse? Do you know how to love your spouse? If your answers are “no” and “yes”, respectively, to these two questions, then I hope you are actively showing your spouse the love you have for

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10 May 2012

Sis 2 Sis: 6 Dynamic Women Share “Lessons From Mom”

This Sunday we will celebrate some of the most inspirational women in our lives, our Mothers.  Although my Mom is deceased, not a week goes by when I don’t utilize at least one of the hundreds of valuable lessons that Mrs. Daisy taught me.  I started thinking about how many

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09 May 2012

6 Tips To Help You Get So Fresh And So Clean For Love

Love is in the air and everyone seems to be waiting around for Cupid to shoot his arrow their way, but the dilemma is the love doesn’t seem to last! Yes everyone is longing for that feeling of wholeness, completion and security combined to make one solid emotion…Love! The question

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08 May 2012

My NOT So Shameful Little Secret

Who was he??!! Who was the first fool that said real men don’t have feelings? I want to meet this jerk. Oh so now he’s SUPERHUMAN or something? Knock it off please! Jesus wept; Superman had kryptonite and Lois Lane, hell even the Tin Man cried with no heart. Please

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03 May 2012

Nookie For Love In All The Wrong Spaces!

So if you read the title and are like “Hey?!, What’s nookie??” This article might not be for you. If you already know, then let me just plainly say that “We’re both adults and we want the same thing” IS NOT a good enough reason to have sex right when

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24 Apr 2012

She’s My Husband’s Mistress

Were my eyes deceiving me?  Was this my husband ravishing this woman’s body?  The passion between him and this woman was ridiculously off the charts. I had not seen that much longing and lusting in his eyes since the first years of our relationship.  The lovemaking was intense.  I couldn’t

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