05 Apr 2013

Oh Snap,You Messed Up: 8 Tips To Win Back The Woman Of Your Dreams

So if you are reading this, its safe to say that either you want to win back the woman of your dreams.  Either that or you just want to see if this article is full of sh*t (LOL).  You would probably rather have heard this from a dude, but I

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10 Feb 2013

Church Overload: It’s Time To Make Your Family Your Ministry!

So, it has been brought to my attention that Black Men today are no longer pursuing Black women; no, not because of the drama, not because of the baby daddy count nor because of our independence….but because they are sick of trying to compete with Jesus!! How about that! Yeap,

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22 Oct 2012

Grey Divorces – Is It Really Too Late

” Yes it’s over, the kids are gone, what’s the use trying to hang on…” Those are just a few of the lyrics to the 1978 hit by Denise Williams and Johnny Mathis “Too Much Too Little Too Late”.   Those words are being said/song by many today. Grey divorces

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10 Oct 2012

One Woman’s Approach To Dating With Herpes: “I’m Always Honest With Potential Parnters”

He works in the building I live in and we have a crush on each other. I like him and he likes me. How do I know? He stepped to me and made it clear. Now, I’ve only let him know in so many words for only one reason. I

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12 Sep 2012

How To Save Your Marriage In 10 Steps Or Less

Our focus here at Black Love Forum is to give our audience the tools to create healthy and long lasting relationships, this includes marriages.  I’m particularly an avid supporter in this area, and I wanted to share some information that my expertise has given me.  If you implement some or

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29 Aug 2012

My Heart, His Heart, Our Love: A Wife’s Journey To Trusting Her Husband

For years, I’ve been telling my husband that I don’t trust him completely with my heart.  I have held on to this “truth” for so long, that I was completely oblivious/blinded to the fact that I was holding myself back from being able to fulfill God’s purpose for me. Recently,

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29 Mar 2012

A Perfect Relationship: The Myth

People these days are walking away from good , healthy, sound relationships looking for the perfect relationship. The irony is there is no perfect relationship!  What many don’t realize is the perfect relationship is just like the perfect church, it stops being perfect the moment you enter it. Instead of accepting that

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09 Feb 2012

A Case of the Mundane Relationship (pt.2)

What did you and your boo do this week that interrupted the monotony of your relationship? Here are some ideas for adding some sparkle to your social love-life during the week. Of course these activities don’t have to occur every day, or every week for that matter, but I challenge

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01 Feb 2012

Trust Issues: The Silent Relationship Killer

Trust issues in relationships are often those that end up breaking up relationships. If you cannot trust someone, you cannot have a relationship with them. You have to have trust as a foundation on which to build a relationship.

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29 Dec 2011

Does He Give Really Good Head?

In the beginning, he is sweet, attentive, and the chemistry is obvious.  The thought of seeing him gives you butterflies and he makes you giggle like a teenage girl. When he touches you, you shiver involuntarily and his kiss makes you float like Tinkerbelle.  Your feelings are bubbling over in

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28 Dec 2011

Child-Focused Custody – Putting Down the Boxing Gloves

When child custody becomes a battle, everyone loses. Parents are pitted against each other and innocent children inevitably pay the price. With child-centered divorce parents learn to put their perspectives where it really belongs – on their children. The result? Everyone in the family benefits, in the months ahead … and for years to come.

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23 Dec 2011

Signs Of An Emotional Rapist

I’ll be honest. I’ve had my fair share of women and still do. But I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I’ve been honest and straight up with whomever I’ve come across. My friendships with women seldom end on bad terms, and not one female can make the claim

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06 Oct 2011

No Pain, No Gain

Every morning around 5:30AM, I wake up to endure an intense cardio work-out. For 30 minutes, I push myself through several reps of strategic moves that target specific areas of my body. During the workout, I find myself wanting to quit—and quite frequently to be honest. Each set requires concentration,

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04 Oct 2011

Of Course She’s Crazy!!!

Of course she’s crazy!!! That’s right women are freakin nuts! A majority of them have lost their mind and have lost all common sense. Why has this happened? Cause they were born that way!….Ok  I’m done venting and being over the top : ). Seriously, I do believe a lot

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29 Sep 2011

Welcome to the Garage Sale

Recently a new friend of mine told me that she loves attending garage sales. Being that I do not know her all that well, I had no idea. Of course, looking at her apartment, one would never know if any of that at one time was someone elses because she

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01 Sep 2011

Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt. 2 of 3)

Before you start to read this post and get confused, please read the previous post “Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt.1)“,   to get up to speed. The Phone Conversation: Her: wassup dude Me: Nothin! how have you been?! How’s the Fam? Her: ok everyone is fine. what

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14 Jun 2011

Black Women Aren’t Angry, They’re Just Damned TIRED!

No He Didn’t Ask Me That! This past week was crazy for me.  Between events and deadlines, I was swamped.  D id I mention that I also had to do a million things in regards to caring for my disabled father?  And of course the job of being the ‘favorite’

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