22 Oct 2012

Grey Divorces – Is It Really Too Late

” Yes it’s over, the kids are gone, what’s the use trying to hang on…” Those are just a few of the lyrics to the 1978 hit by Denise Williams and Johnny Mathis “Too Much Too Little Too Late”.   Those words are being said/song by many today. Grey divorces

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24 May 2012

The First Wives Club: 8 Tips To Get You Through Your Separation

After reading the article on Rohan Marley’s engagement to this Brazilian model I am totally poignant for Lauryn Hill.  I’m sure we all remember their depressing break-up and how she went from being the an uplifting rapper/singer/actress to singing sad disheartening love songs and shedding tears during her interviews. Granted

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17 Jan 2012

5 Tips To Help You Live With Your Ex In The Same House

Could you continue to live with your ex if the relationship was over? Many couples are choosing this option in these troubled times as they are so entwined financially. What kind of tips could be offered to make this time bearable for both of these ex partners? Read on…

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02 Jan 2012

Marriage – Divorce – Separation – How to Handle the Split Loyalties with Friends After Separation

We have all most probably encountered it at some stage in our lives – who do we stay friends with after a couple divorces or separates? Here we explore some of the main issues involved & explain a simple framework for handling the situation with your divorcing or separating friend.

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10 Nov 2011

Dealing With Divorce – Avoid Divorce and Fix Your Marital Problems Instantly

Dealing with divorce is one of the most difficult phases in one’s life that needs couple of times to think about. It’s a very serious matter that’s why considering all the circumstances first before getting into it completely. Many couples of today end up with divorce for many reasons.

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02 Sep 2011

Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt. 3 of 3)

I’m always hesitant to write a blog on the different situations that I encounter because I deal with real people in real life. They come to me and without even knowing confide. Confidentiality is a dying trait so I am very particular about what I share. I decided to write

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01 Sep 2011

Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt. 2 of 3)

Before you start to read this post and get confused, please read the previous post “Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt.1)“,   to get up to speed. The Phone Conversation: Her: wassup dude Me: Nothin! how have you been?! How’s the Fam? Her: ok everyone is fine. what

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31 Aug 2011

Epiphany of a Strong Black Independent Woman (pt.1 of 3)

I recently had a conversation with the wife of a close friend of mine. I consider the guy a brother. He was my roommate in college. He is now married to a beautiful woman that has 6 kids of her own and one from him totaling 7. Fairly recently, she

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13 Aug 2011

10 More Tips About Going Through Separation

Separation is never an easy time for a couple or a family. It is therefore important for you to remind yourself of a few things from time to time.

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