19 Feb 2014

The Truth About Side Pieces

Being that Valentine’s Day just passed and for the past two weeks I have seen and heard a constant barrage of information about “side chicks”, I felt it was rightfully time for a man to actually speak out about side pieces. Now sit still and hold on tight because what

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07 Jun 2013

Girl Guide: 5 Ways To Keep It On and Poppin’ in a Relationship

The safety and security of a marriage or LTR (long term relationship) is a double edged sword. While it is great to have a comfort level and not have to be red carpet ready at all times with your mate, it’s not so cool to let your sex life crash

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25 Sep 2012

Brown Sugar: Intimacy Tips For Him!

1. Are you too quick to get to her end zone? Most women find this irritating. Going straight to her hot spot, with too much force, can hurt and bring arousal down a notch. Caresses will tease her into ecstasy. 2. When it’s over…. it’s NOT over.  Don’t rush off and make a pot

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05 Sep 2012

Brown Sugar : Body Image Hinders Intimacy

Here are this week’s intimacy tips: 1. Body image hinders intimacy. You can’t have great sex if you’re self-conscious about your body. Learn to like yourself and all your curves. 2. Sexual intimacy increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone”, which helps people bond and

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28 Jun 2012

Mind vs Body: Mental Arousal Rules…Hands Down

How many of you know that mental stimulation is more arousing than physical stimulation when it comes to sex?  I mean think about it, even our ability to get sexually aroused is for the most part controlled by our mind.  Once you are mentally turned off by someone, unless it’s

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21 May 2012

The 80/20 Rule: The Grass Is NOT Greener On The Other Side

The perfect relationship; fact or myth? Myth! I have learned from personal experience that the 80/20 rule does exist. A few years ago I found myself peaking over the fence and actually tip toeing to see for myself how much greener the grass could be. But of course when viewing

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03 May 2012

Nookie For Love In All The Wrong Spaces!

So if you read the title and are like “Hey?!, What’s nookie??” This article might not be for you. If you already know, then let me just plainly say that “We’re both adults and we want the same thing” IS NOT a good enough reason to have sex right when

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24 Apr 2012

She’s My Husband’s Mistress

Were my eyes deceiving me?  Was this my husband ravishing this woman’s body?  The passion between him and this woman was ridiculously off the charts. I had not seen that much longing and lusting in his eyes since the first years of our relationship.  The lovemaking was intense.  I couldn’t

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18 Apr 2012

Let Your Fingers Do The Talking In 3 Easy Steps

Our sense of Touch is one of the most essential senses of life! It is one of the best ways to communicate your feelings, especially towards your Beloved. It’s like an intimate conversation between you and your Beloved without ever saying a word. The right touch in the right way

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02 Apr 2012

One, Two, Threesome! Ménage a trois, Anyone? (Part 2)

With enticing benefits like those mentioned in part one, you might be thinking why not, I’m all the way in! However, keep in mind that sex between two people can be tricky enough. Now just imagine, adding a third person to the mix and how this may open the door

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29 Mar 2012

One, Two, Threesome! Ménage a trois, Anyone? (Part 1)

Imagine your favorite dessert (cake, ice cream, pie, etc.) garnished with your favorite tasty topping and served to you just the way you like it! Sounds delicious right? But, what happens when this insatiable treat of paradise turns from an image of delight into a real life disaster? What steps

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12 Mar 2012

Operation Sex Toy

With so many sex toys available, it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. So where does one begin? Rather you’re a sex toy enthusiast or novice, the important thing to remember when choosing a toy is your purpose for buying it. For the more seasoned sex

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14 Dec 2011

Twelve Naughty Days Of Christmas

Santa Baby has been making his list and checking it twice to find out if you have been naughty or nice! Well, let him know this year you definitely plan on being naughty! Here are some surefire tips that are guaranteed to spark up more than your fireplace for your

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27 Sep 2011

What’s Your Fetish?

Does the site of a pair of sexy stilettos give a “sensual” yet familiar tingle throughout your body from head to toe? Does the smell of latex give you what can call only described as an “uncontrollable” urge to be naughty? Does the stroke or thought of fur against your

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02 Sep 2011

The G-Spot Journey

So what exactly is this G-Spot and how do you find it? Applauds and credit is due to German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg who first hypothesized its existence in 1950. The G-spot is a network of blood vessels, nerve endings and soft tissue that is located on the about two inches

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26 Aug 2011

Normal, Freaky or Kinky?!

“What is Freaky or Kinky Sex?”  This is a question I get asked this question all the time during my workshops; “What is freaky or kinky sex?” My answer is always, whatever two consenting adults decide to do sexually to provide themselves with pure, unadulterated pleasure is not only between

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03 Aug 2011

Why You Should Invest in Sexy Lingerie!

So it’s your anniversary, your Beloveds birthday, Valentine’s Day or some other special occasion and you’re shopping for the most fabulous piece of sexy lingerie you can find to help end your fantastic evening with a BIG Bang – no pun intended. Stocking, stilettos, camis, babydolls, corsets and teddies help

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14 Jun 2011

Love, Sex and Magic: The 6th Love Language

FEEL THE HEAT Since I love all things HOT-Lanta grown, I don’t think it will come as a surprise that I am a HUGE fan of Ciara (Atlanta R&B artist). So I was absolutely over the moon when she did a duet with another of my favorite artists, Justin Timberlake.

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