02 Oct 2012

Delicious Dating Tips: No Such Thing As ‘Man Stealing’ [VIDEO]

When a person decides to stray or leave the relationship, its not the other person’s fault!  Women often blame the other woman if their man cheats or leaves the relationship. But he’s the one who should be held responsible. Previous Video Blog “Setting up an online dating profile‘. ABOUT THE

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13 Sep 2012

4 Things You SHOULDN’T Consider When Choosing A Mate

Love is an uncontrollable feeling that overwhelms your mental stability. When people fall in love whether it be with another person, an animal, or a material item, your body gets weak, you have jitters, and your mind is completely consumed on that one thing or one person. Love has no

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12 Jul 2012

5 Types of Men that scream: I’M SCORNED!!!!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a scorned man…lucky me right?  It was very little pleasure in this encounter,  but it did however make me think, “ Are scorned men worst than a heartbroken woman?” A little background…I met him at a party of an ex boyfriend, which we’ll

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22 May 2012

What Your Friends Won’t Tell You, But I Will: 4 Reasons Why You Are Single

1. You’re too “picky.” Unfortunately, this may be code for being shallow or having low self-esteem.  Picky people often want someone who makes their stock go up.  I am not talking about having standards, I am talking about the type of narcissism that Marcus had in the movie Boomerang (remember

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22 Feb 2012

5 Types of Seemingly Innocent Flirting

I must admit that I have never quite perfected the art of flirting. You would think that the act comes naturally but this is not necessarily so. It seems my direct style of communication does not lend itself to the subtleties of flirting. Flirting was originally intended to be part

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13 Feb 2012

Survival Tips For Getting Through St. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and well…I’m indifferent. A part of me is like ” Eeh, I’m single and dateless…so what…I have a deadline on an article anyway…” The other, more  emotional and die hard romantic, part of me is like  ” Another lonely Valentine’s Day…that’s two years in a

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15 Aug 2011

Ride or Die?!!! NEGRO PLEEEASE!!! (pt. 1)

I asked the members of TCC Would you stick around for a second date if on the first date he/she told you “if you ever get locked up, I’m gone” And in ALL n=honesty, I was NOT prepared for the discussion that was about to take place. 2 of our

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