08 Jan 2015

BLF Fashion: Interview with Marissa Kendrick, Founder and CEO of Deleay Lashay

Many in the fashion industry ask and get asked: what’s in a name? Actually, a lot. If you have a brand you have the opportunity to make it greater than average by creating art and making impact in your sphere of influence and beyond. At the age of 25, Gary,

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17 Jun 2013

Trendsetta: Masters of Illusion, This Year’s Summer Fashions

This summer, it’s all about giving an illusion. Now you don’t have to lie about your size, but you can strategically hide and accentuate certain parts of your body with the new trends in fashion without the need for extra items to hide your extra-ness. I’ll admit that a problem

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17 Oct 2012

Trendsetta: Fit to Flatter-Who Really Cares About Size?

Imagine that you are free on a Friday afternoon and decide to go shopping for a lil’ something to wear to the seasonal get together next weekend or that wedding you were invited to. All the styles you’ve admired in the magazines and on TV are in the stores and

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10 Oct 2012

TrendSetta: “Fall Haul” What Stays From Summer And More

This past weekend I got up and engaged in an important annual activity: changing the summer closet to a fall wardrobe. Don’t delay this time because it’s “still nice” out because October will be around the corner as well as the chilly mornings. When changing the clothes you normally see

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08 Oct 2012

What To Wear? Black Men Chime In On What Styles They Find Sexy

Women undoubtedly rack their brains trying to determine what men like when it comes to defining “sexy”. Well, I took to social media and asked a few of my closest male friends how they defined a ‘sexy look’ and specifically what they like to see women wear.   One thing is

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13 Jun 2012

Blogger Bio: April Spicer (Spice Chic)

A woman of style and substance, April Spicer has a passion for dressing her clients and empowering them to take charge of their image that promotes professional success and personal well being. She is an image expert and fashion enthusiast who uses her infallible eye for style and warm personality

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13 Apr 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation-Socks

It’s time to knock your SOCKS OFF! Fashion socks are socks that sticks out from the traditional dress socks; black, grey or blue socks. Fashion socks are usually more creative with checkered patterns, stripes or other combinations. Fashion socks can be worn in accompaniment to dress shoes, sneakers and are

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14 Mar 2012

His Style Matters: Foundation Shoes

  Style Matters to me because I know you get one time to make a great first impression. In making that great first impression you should start with your shoes. It is the foundation of your look. As boys, we are taught that masculinity and a concern for style are

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