21 Jul 2015

The Death of Sandra Bland: Jim Crow vs. Civil Rights Part Two

Since learning of Sandra Bland’s passing, I have experienced the full gamut of emotions. It took the first 24 hours for me to process that my sorority sister had actually been found hanging in a jail cell in 2015. They said she committed suicide but common sense wouldn’t allow me

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05 May 2015

Dating In The ATL: The Good, The Bad And The Unbelievable

So what’s it really like to date in Atlanta as a woman in her 40’s? It varies. The vast majority of the dates I’ve been on have been disastrous. I’ve been on dates with all kinds of men in an effort to figure out if I can be flexible in

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01 Aug 2012

The She’s Gotta Have It Effect: My Battle With Commitment, Fidelity and Love

Imagine a relationship where your partner didn’t seem to have the same lust for life that you do? You want to indulge in things like travel and sampling different cuisines while your partner is satisfied sitting at home in front of the TV. Suppose the problem has become so prevalent

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29 Jun 2012

The Art Of Black Love: Artist Chris Fabor Muhammad

Is there an art to black love? If so have we lost it? It seems as though the odds of falling in love with “Mr./Mrs. Right” are daunting to say the very least. Love is hard. Whoever says it isn’t just hasn’t experienced what it’s like to truly love someone

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03 May 2012

Nookie For Love In All The Wrong Spaces!

So if you read the title and are like “Hey?!, What’s nookie??” This article might not be for you. If you already know, then let me just plainly say that “We’re both adults and we want the same thing” IS NOT a good enough reason to have sex right when

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21 Feb 2012

5 Steps To Living Fabulously After 40

Turning 40 will put you in the unique position of embracing life completely!  Here are 5 steps that are bound to help you enjoy living fabulously. 1) Heartbreak is a natural part of life. Learn to embrace it. The day before my 40th birthday I had a horrible breakup with

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06 Feb 2012

Therapist Or Life Coach? Knowing Which One To Choose And How

How do you know which one to choose? Is a therapist the same as a life coach? The answer is no, there is a difference between the two. I will explain the difference and help you understand how to choose one. A life coach is more appropriate when you are

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25 Jan 2012

You, Me and WE (pt.2)

What lessons were you taught when you were growing up? Were you taught about a work ethic? As an African American female, I was taught the lesson that I had to be 10 times better than my white counterparts in order for me to receive minimal recognition. I was taught

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19 Jan 2012

You, Me and WE (pt.1)

Relationships fail and succeed every day but black relationships appear to be a bit different don’t they? It seems as if we stand in direct opposition of one another pointing fingers afraid to recognize the heart of the matter because it’s just too painful to acknowledge. We have managed to

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12 Jan 2012

Blogger Bio: Tai Davis (Mind Funk Times 21)

Tai Davis is a career banking professional turned writer/entrepreneur. After nearly 20 years in the banking industry, she decided to change careers entirely and do something she loves. Having received a Six Sigma Green Belt certification and worked in Process Engineering, Ms. Davis naturally observes from an analytical perspective. She

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