06 May 2015

BLF Fashion: Spring Is The Season Of The Lady

May is here and I haven’t been this excited for spring fashion in a long time! I’m officially calling this the unofficial “Season of the Lady.” Yes, we can be ladies at work, home, dates, church, and on the go. Season of the Lady means embracing your feminine side, enjoying being

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03 Dec 2012

Trendsetta: 3 Trendy Gift Ideas For Women

The holidays are coming around the corner and if you need fashion gift ideas, we got you right here on BLF. This week is about gift ideas for the women, the fashionistas in your life. These three items are for all ages and come in a range of styles and

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22 Oct 2012

TrendSetta: Closet Hippie – Girl Power In Business And Fashion

The Lacuna Art Studio Lofts were all a buzz on October 13th with the weekend buzz of business. From hair salons to music studios, art and creative flowed through the hallways and floors of the maze-like mall for urban hipsters. Among the community of businesses is the grand opening of

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10 Sep 2012

TrendSetta: Is It Okay to Match Your Boo?

One of the things that me and my girlfriends have a gripe with is when couples go out and not hold hands or kiss in public, but wear the same colors or even clothes out together. It was cute in high school, but does it resonate the same effect when

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29 Aug 2012

TrendSetta: Labor Day Fashion Tips For ‘All White’ Events (For Men & Women)

Labor Day is just around the corner and so are those invitations to “All white” or “White attire” parties. In some fashion circles, wearing white clothes after Labor Day can be a major DON’T. I suggest working with what you have because a lot of the stores may not carry

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