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Love by KNIGHT: Tattooed by Love…A Wedding Story [PHOTO BLOG]

I remember the first time Kristie and Tre’ walked into my studio. Their energy was vibrant. Kristie’s smile and Tre’s style is what was most attractive to me. When I held out my hand to shake Kristie’s, she gave me a hug instead. I thought to myself, “This is going to be a great meeting.” As I learned more about the details of their relationship I surmised that this couple marches to their own beat. They met at a party during one of those serendipitous moments I described earlier and their friends could not find either of them for the rest of the night…!

Many of us search for our perfect match while others have a serendipitous moment with the person of our dreams. We fall in love and if the universe aligns then we are together forever. Here is Tre’ and Kristie’s story!! (Find more story details HERE!)

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Ross Oscar Knight

Ross Oscar Knight

Ross is a Destination and Fusion Wedding photographer well-known for his unique style of producing breathtaking, candid images. His collection of work is best described as lifestyle photojournalism.