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THANK YOU SERENA!! Finally A Butt-Shot That DOESN’T Objectify Women

Every day I take on the daunting task of banishing pervs that post ‘booty pics’ on their Facebook Timeline.  I just HATE scrolling down my newsfeed and seeing the dreaded butt-shots.  Its usually some chic in barely-there drawers poking out her derriere in a suggestive pose, blek! And without fail, I roll my damn eyes and remove the offender from my newsfeed. Well I had an awesome surprise today from my Facebook pal Kamau Austin when he posted this lovely picture of Serena Williams.

I just think she is STUNNING.  A great way to showcase the goods and remain a lady!! I love it all, the booty, the legs, the dress, the shoes, the hair…. I don’t hate on greatness!! Now excuse me while I run to the gym, I feel INSPIRED!  By the way, all yall booty pic bandits beware, there ain’t NO shame in my UN-friend game!


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Jai Stone

Jai Stone

Jai Stone, is often referred to as the Emotional Nudist. A phrase that defines her brand of authentic living. With nearly 20 years in the marketing industry Jai has become a well respected social media expert and is also the founder of the Black Love Forum Movement.