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That ISH Cray: Why Bobbi Kristina Needs Her A$$ Whipped!

Herrrreeee we GO!!!  Looks like Miss Bobbi got the Houston/ Brown drama-gene for sure.  According to TMZ Krissy is dating her adopted bother Nick Gordon.  Nick was some kind of wayward kid with home troubles that Whitney unofficially adopted.  I’m not quite sure how long Nick has been a part of the Houston clan but apparently long enough for Nana Cissy to call the hook up ‘incest’.  Well Krissy doesn’t agree and told the media “I don’t care WHAT my grandma thinks”….Hmmmm!!!  As they say in South West Atlanta (SWAT) “That ish cray” (translation: “That sh*t is crazy”).

Now that I have given you the back story, let’s get to why an a$$ whoopin is in order.  Shooootttt let me run down a list in fact.

  1. Her Mama is barely in the ground good, she needs to be in somewhere trying to figure out her life
  2. Why  she got to go and disrespect Cissy to the media.  We all got nosey Grandma’s…we just ignore them
  3. Why is this relationship public all of a sudden, this is some ole ‘I’m coming out’ intro to a drama queen type ish here
  4. Well clearly this child is attracted to bad boys (sound familiar), and we see how that ended up…so maybe she should take a note from Mommy Dearest and go in the opposite direction
  5. Then there is this I don’t give a EFF what anyone thinks attitude is the result of a spoiled brat that is accustomed to getting just what she wants.  She thinks the rules of life don’t apply to her.
  6. Has it ever dawned on her that Nick is a damn gold-digger??!! I’m just saying.

Where is my damn BELT!!  I could make this list go on forever, but I will stop it now before that throbbing vein in my forehead explodes.  So here is my final word, if a person is LIKE family, then dog gone it, they ARE family.  We all know that blood ties are not what makes someone family its the quality of the relationship.  Adoptive and foster families are a great example of that.  So YUP, I’m with Cissy…its INCEST!!  Krissy should just get in line to date Morgan Freeman now and get the ‘that ish cray’ award for the year!!

Stay Peachy Folks

IMAGE CREDITS: SplashNewsOnline.com (Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon) and Tibrina Hobson/WireImage.com (Featured Image: Bobbi Kristina alone)

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