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That’s That Bull…ish!

Years, months, weeks, days, and hours go into you getting to know someone. Who they are, their likes and dis-likes. Only to find out about their REPRESENTATIVE and nothing about them. Instead of being themselves they have been who they thought you wanted them to be. And now here you are stuck, and feeling stupid. You’ve invested yourself, your time, emotions, and fell in love with a perfect stranger.

Now here you are feeling hood-winked, bamboozled, and like plymouth rock has just landed on you, and this liar wants you to believe that their love is real. The nerve of them! Not only do they want you to forgive & forget, but they also want you to trust them too. Could they be anymore SELFISH??? Here they’ve lied, played with your feelings, made you fall in love with a complete stranger, and now they are the victim. They’ve been on the phone with everybody from your mama, to your best friend, to the Pastor. And if that ain’t enough they use everything from tears to the bible to make you feel sorry for them.

They elevate the game from play acting to word play. It wasn’t a lie, they just didn’t tell you that part. It just wasn’t the right time to tell you. It’s not that they were

pretending they ‘re really changing, you just have to give them a chance. It’s now all your fault the whole entire thing is being flipped around on you. So now you’re the liar. You said you would always love them and never leave them, but now you’re walking out on them. You have received a personal invite to their pitty party.

News flash you can’t have love without trust, and you can’t trust someone who lies. You didn’t lie to them. In fact you weren’t even talking to them you were talking to their representative. Honestly, you don’t even know them at all! As far as you’re concerned they’re a perfect stranger. Somebody who tried to combine Holloween and Valentine’s day.

They got dressed up and pretended to be someone they’re not to steal your heart. You’ve lost both of them, the person they are and the person they pretended to be. Let them tell it you’re the one that played them and you’re everything but a child of God. Now That’s That Bull….ish!!!!

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Robert Nolden

Robert Nolden

As an author, relationship advisor and speaker, Robert Nolden has taken life's lemons and truly made lemonade. After meeting and talking with many couples, he learned that oftentimes relationships could have been salvaged if there had been better communication. From that revelation came "From His Perspective" which seeks to enhance female understanding of what a man is saying and doing.