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The Cost of Reality: Salaries Of Black Reality Stars

I’m not ashamed to admit that I like my share of Reality TV shows.  Its like having a ring side seat at the best gossip fest in town.   I know, I know the shows are often accused of portraying Black women in a negative light, yada yada yada.  Let me address the T-Rex in the room right up front (T-Rex has bigger teeth than the Elephant…AND its extinct, kinda like this discussion).  Reality TV portrays EVERYONE in a negative light, have yall seen Jersey Shore or Mob Wives?  But here is a news flash…its a business driven by ratings.  The better the ratings, the higher the pay day.  And what do the American people want to see???  Drama!! If somebody figured out a way to make money off of it, then I’m not hating on that.  I don’t recommend letting your kids watch this smut, but as for me…I’m grown and I like being entertained by mindless foolishness sometimes.

Moving on…  I was amazed at how much money some of the stars make just for putting their lives on ‘front street’.  I had heard rumors that the Real Housewives of Atlanta were the highest paid of this genre raking in 100k per episode, so I did a lil bit of checking to see if the rumors were true.  According to Hello Beautiful, those numbers are really close for NeNe Leakes bringing in a reported $750k per season with a $250k bonus for the reunion episode.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!  Let’s also keep in mind that NeNe is a published author, was a PAID cast member of  Celebrity Apprentice and also gets top dollar for event bookings.  If I do the math correctly that means Mrs. NeNe is bringing home over $1 million annually.  Now that’s a lot of bacon, I’d like to see the size of her frying pan *giggles*.

Other RHOA salaries of note are:

  • Kandi Burress – $450K per season plus a $100K bonus for doing the reunion show
  • Phaedra Parks – $300K per season plus a $75K bonus for doing the reunion show AND…hubby Apollo gets – $50K per season

Recently Evelyn Lozado of Basketball Wives snagged a deal for a spin-off show with fiance’ Chad Ochocinco on VH1.  According to TMZ  the couple will take home $300,000 EACH, for about two months of work.  The show does not come as a surprise, because when Evelyn re-upped for a new season of Basketball Wives, she negotiated to also have her own show with Chad.  Talk about business savvy.

I’m sure you’re getting the picture about how much these folks make ON screen.  But like NeNe Leakes, many of them have expanded their brands off screen with everything from clothing to funeral homes.  And they continue to get paid to tell the world about it.  Apparently celebs are now getting paid to tweet, according to Wet Paint Mike Tyson gets $3,200 per entry to tweet to his 1.2 million followers and RayJ commands $2,350 to reach out to his 630k followers.

Maybe this will give you a bit more insight into a few of the reasons WHY these shows are so wildly popular.  Besides it gives us something to talk about besides Oprah…LOL.

Stay Peachy Folks

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