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The Failed Experiment

Being that I only have 600 words maximum to say this in, I have to jump right into it. Ladies, being an independent woman has failed you miserably. Yes, you have proven that you can take care of a household. Yes, you have gotten jobs that some men could only dream of having. Yes, you have acquired material things that anyone could envy. But where is your man? You went out and did exactly what you wanted to do and showed the world that you could do it and along the way, you lost sight of what it is to be in a harmonious relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

 Now I am not crazy, so I know that it takes two to tango and there may not always be an available man for you. But if you have achieved all of the things I just mentioned then you are most likely in your late 20’s or beyond. You truly cannot get me to believe that in all that amount of life, you have not found any man worth your time at least once.

 As a man I will say this; I know PLENTY of independent women. I will also say this, ALL of them will gladly give up that independence if they were in a relationship with a guy that they truly believed was going to take care of business. Not a single one has said without reservation that they love being independent and would not give it up for the world. Far from it. Everyone of them has said that they are more than happy to let a man lead if he is capable of it. So what exactly does this mean? It means that sisters have been independent by necessity and not by desire. It means that since they had to be independent they found a way to excel in it. It also means that they put aside their wants to focus on their needs. Along the way, they started using phrases like “I’m an independent woman. I don’t need a man.” TRUE, you do not NEED one, but you sure should want one.

Every woman, regardless of sexual orientation, will eventually have a use for a man. Whether it be from towing their car, to fixing their car, to companionship, to negotiating a better price on something, to handling an issue, etc. At some point, a man will certainly be helpful to you.

 When a woman starts saying she does not need a man and that she is independent, she is basically helping herself to REMAIN independent because no man is going to try and fight that battle. We all understand that there is a rightful order to everything in this kingdom. We all submit to something. Submission is NOT a bad word and not a bad thing. It simply means that we follow the rightful order. As a man, I submit to God. I submit to the policies and procedures of my job. I submit to the laws of this land. As a woman, you are SUPPOSED to submit to the man that you are with. Here is the secret, do not get involved in a relationship with a man that you know from the jump is not capable of assuming his rightful place and making sound decisions. You are merely wasting your time in that situation. The last thing you want to do is go from being independent to carrying a grown dependent.

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Richard 'BigRich' Evans

Richard 'BigRich' Evans

With nearly 20 years of experience in juvenile justice, public speaking, youth and young adult coaching and intervention, Richard 'BigRich' Evans' brand of straight talk has touched thousands.