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The G-Spot Journey

So what exactly is this G-Spot and how do you find it?

Applauds and credit is due to German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg who first hypothesized its existence in 1950. The G-spot is a network of blood vessels, nerve endings and soft tissue that is located on the about two inches inside of the front wall of vagina. When stimulated, it can greatly enhance your orgasm and increase the possibility of female ejaculation. A G-Spot orgasm will feel very similiar to the feeling of having to urinate however, rest assure that the fluid released during the orgasm is not urine but rather female ejaculatory fluid.

The key factor in finding your G-spot is becoming intimately acquainted with your body. To assist you with this, there are several things that you (and your partner) can try to stimulate your G-spot.

To begin the G-spot voyage, you should be fully aroused. The more aroused you are the larger and more sensitive the G-spot becomes making it easier to find. Your partner can help you experience G-spot orgasms and ejaculation by inserting his index and middle fingers into your vagina and firmly pressing and stroking the inside front wall. Also, during intercourse, try placing a pillow underneath your hips. This slight incline may make it easier for your partner to stimulate your G-spot with his penis.

Try a G-spot vibrator. This sex toy is specifically designed to help stimulate the G-spot. There’s a wide variety to choose from depending on your mood for exploration and creativity! These vibrators come in a variety of colors, materials and prices. Some are actually waterproof! You can Purchase one of these fun toys from any adult novelty retailer.

Because the G-spot is embedded in the muscle of the vaginal wall, you may not initially find your G-spot. It may take a little patience and effort on your part, however do not give up the reward will be well worth the journey.

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TaMara Campbell

TaMara Campbell

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