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The Mysterious Side of Love and Relationships

Some relationships are out of league, yet they exist. Their existence may be evaluated on illogical and supernatural definitions, but ourselves with weak and impure psychological souls of hearts, cannot deny their sole existence and presence. How often a man does think of loving someone out of a mere shallow dream? I have no clue whatsoever. If we take history in account, we can clearly embark upon numerous supernatural and mystical ways of love and love making. The historical taboo of loving with no physical or verbal contact is too ancient and too sacred. It gives rise to various new thoughts and hopes in this particular subject.

The Indians believed that the soul, Atima, as they call it cannot be recklessly controlled when it comes to supernatural involvement such as hypnotism or mesmerism. They went deep into the subject and derived postures of love making, discussing the possibilities of loving someone without any contact whether physical or mental norms and most important thing rests in deep and complex interpretation of love between opposite genders. That occult research reveals a unique and unexplainable existence of a bond between two people without any further logical presence of any kind.

It is strange enough to modern readers and purely scientific minds, but we must have to admit sooner or later that such bonds or relationships do exist and they go from minimum to maximum value or strength with time dependency. In simple words, a mystical and supernatural relationship between two people can be generated with love as directly proportional to feelings that grow with time. You cannot stop them; you cannot escape from such relationships and they are quite irreversible in nature. They can start from nothing and can become something in no time. This chain reaction of one or more than one relationship is totally out of blue for any person and at the same time sensational and unique experience.

One case of such relationship which I personally study revolved around two people who never met, never talked and yet they deeply love each other. They are not even sure about this strange sensation and creepy feeling that dwells within them. It is hard for both of them to deny it and harder to swallow its existence. How can you know about physical features, emotional state of a person without even knowing or meeting him/her? Obviously, you cannot, but what if this does happen to someone you know personally or what if this happens to even yourself. The Happening turns in to believing here! We are aware of such unknown things, but we cannot define them.

Love is considered a complex passion, a strange emotion when it is taken in form of a sexual love making process, a fantasy between two strangers. You see a dream, see a girl, fall in love and then months or years after that dream, you meet that person in real; how does that may feel? Find the answer yourself when you experience this kind of strange event yourself, but be assured that it may happen to anyone anywhere at any time. The mystical part of love and occult relationships is not a new concept, but still a totally stunned concept that will continue to ask people questions about all those things which are hidden and remain unknown.

Kashif Ali

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