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The Way Things Used to Be

It’s funny. Sometimes we get so comfortable in how things are or how they have become that we forget how things used to be.  More so, we tend to forget that some of the things that we used to do were actually quite productive. We as a nation and as a people have quite frankly gotten both comfortable and lazy. However, we have also gotten quite arrogant. So while I was listening to my father this weekend talking about things that he remembers, I got the great idea to talk about how things used to be from my perspective.

  • Yes, I remember when gas was less than a dollar a gallon and that you could actually drive for a few days on $5. What was so important about gas being that price was that it allowed me to actually have money left over so that I could go on a date.
  • I remember when black people took care of one another. If one family member could not make something happen, another family member filled in. Many times, other family members even raised the children of others. Families got together for family reunion regularly and they called to check on one another often.
  • I remember when guys actually pursued women and women decided whether or not they wanted to be caught. Not only did guys pursue women, but they treated them with respect and they did not call them hoes, tricks, bitches or any other derogatory word.
  • I remember when guys actually knew how to do guy stuff. When someone showed you how to fix a flat, replace a light bulb, put together a bike and many other handy things.
  • I remember when guys preferred to be outside doing something than inside doing nothing.
  • I remember when women used to demand the respect that they were worthy of.
  • I remember when families actually ate together around the table at night.
  • I remember when a public display of affection was holding hands or carrying a woman’s books.
  • I remember when meeting a woman’s family was an absolute necessity.
  • I remember when there was no internet and a cell phone looked like a  brick with numbers on it and you had to carry a backpack to house the battery.
  • I remember when it was so very simple to date and yet so much better to actually woo a woman.

I could go on for days with this, but the general gist is that things may have gotten more comfortable for us, but they have certainly not gotten any easier and in some ways they have gotten worse. Our people have forgotten what made us great in many instances. In future articles I will be going in depth into what has changed us as a people. Today, I challenge you to remember what made you who you are while improving who you have become.

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