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“Think Like A Man” (Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Can’t)

The first time I wrote about this farce of a philosophy, I was nice. Now, it’s time to be real about this new movement that has swept the literary airwaves and has most recently landed on the silver screen to the tune of $33 million….in it’s first week!

Are you serious?

How are we letting yet another flawed opinion on what a woman should do, say, and how she should even think take center stage in our relationships?

We survived, “The Rules.”

We even accepted that, “He’s not That Into You.”

But, I cannot, nor will I, let thinking like a man slide.

First of all, it just must be said, you, woman, are not meant to think like a man. While I understand warning women not to be the “needy” girl, or the “whiney” girl, or even the “nag-y” girl, it’s not fair to ask women to move from their God-given position into one of thinking like a man.

Why not?

I’m glad you asked.

  •  Reason One: Relationships are built on both parties being transparent.

At the moment that you start to think like a man, you are no longer yourself. So how, then, do you show this potential significant other (or “signif” as I like to say) the real you? How will they know that this is a person that they should love and cherish, if you’re spending your off-time plotting your next “manly” move?

Ummmm…they won’t.

  •  Reason Two: A real man will both act and think like one.

Emphasis on real. ladies. This means that you shouldn’t have to work that shift. When you (finally) meet a man who is ready and appreciates a real woman, then he will want you to be you. And “you” are (pause for dramatic effect) a woman. An emotional, sometimes dramatic, nurturing soul created to work besides (catch that rib reference) your partner. To think like a man means to disregard who you truly are. And you, woman, are beautiful…mind and all.

And yes, there are STILL real men out there…I promise!

  • Reason Three: You are NOT (I repeat, NOT) a Man!

I already said this, and it goes without saying. But for those who are in need of a blunt statement, there it is! Additionally, the way you think as a woman shouldn’t stop you from having or keeping a relationship, it should be the reason that the man in your life loves you and holds you in high esteem.

A side note: If you think like a psycho, then everything I am saying is null and void. Just to be clear…

In conclusion, one of the best things about a woman is her mind. There’s something amazing that happens in the mind of a woman and it makes her a phenomenal being. As such is the case, thinking like a man is not an option…nor should it ever be.

Just my two (woman-thinking) sense…

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Stephanie D. McKenzie (MBA, CPC, CRC)

Stephanie D. McKenzie (MBA, CPC, CRC)

Stephanie McKenzie is the founder of WhatTheLove™ which offers energetic, entertaining, and educational individual and group coaching programs. These programs are designed to remove the power and pain of bad relationships in your life.