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Thirsty Much?

Now let me be the first one to tell you that I DO NOT do anything special to these men when I first meet them. ABSOLUTELY NOTHINIG. I’m totally myself, and what can I say most men are intrigued by just that (*CHEEZ*) But when I give you my phone number last night and all  before 11:15am the next morning, I receive not only a phone call, but also a text with a picture of you, AND an email…that’s a bit much.

I posted that this week for TCC’s “What The Hell Wednesday” on Facebook, and it  sparked quite a conversation.  See comments below:

  • Worse than my lesbo cyber stalker…
  • Wow whatever happened to 3 days
  • Thirsty!
  • WAIT! There’s a 3 day rule?
  • I didn’t know either….is someone documenting these rules for future reference???
  • Silver lining: At least you know he’s interested so you won’t have to create another thread in a week called “Why when I give you my # …you don’t??
  • Gosh 3 forms of communication w/I 12 hours!! A bit stalker-ish….don’t u think!
  • Point to the PERFECT man that you ladies wouldn’t find SOMETHING to complain about, lol.
  • Sooooo here’s my cell #, work #, fax #, email, twitter, google voice #, the second line at the job just in case, my momma #, I already sent you a friend request… you can go ahead and except that, uuum yea I’m on skype doodlebug6000. It’s the same on msn, aol, yahoo and oovoo…
  • 3-Day Rule? Bah! That’s a loaded diaper in my book!
  • See… this is exactly what I’m talking about. The guy is getting lambasted for communicating soon after he met the woman. Next thread:  “Do men still know how to pursue women??”  What the heck are the rules??!!
  • Waitaminnit Jane…you have a lesbian stalker???

There was a lot of back and forth about dating etiquette.  Even the long time mythical “ three day rule” came up. If you’re not familiar, let me fill you in…

The Three Day rule is simply this: men/women should wait three days to make contact with the other person.

In my opinion, that’s outdated and whack! If you like someone, it is perfectly fine to reach out to that individual the next day, it’s actually MUCH appreciated.

But in my situation, dude had made several forms of communication within a 12 hour span…one in which included a picture of himself…to be honest, that was the killer for me right there. I don’t know you! Why are you sending this unsolicited picture to me? When did that become “the business”? <——-screw face moment for sure…

Some men were taking up for the guy, and I automatically thought that they too had stalker tendencies.  Some think that I should be so happy to be so intensely pursued, but really it just comes off as desperate. My friend put it best : “Somebody please get this man a glass of water because he is TOO thirsty!”



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