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Three Extras For V-Day No Money Down

It’s that time of year when you see red everywhere…V-Day aka Valentine’s Day. Many have already looked in their bank accounts to see how much money they have to spend on their mate. Some have decided to go big, while others will go lite simply with the card and flowers. And let me say that there is nothing wrong with either…especially coming from the heart.

Now what if you could throw in some extra gifts for free that would truly set things off. Now please notice I said “EXTRA”. Don’t think I’m trying to say not to buy your mate a gift…unless you know he or she will be okay with that (your judgment call). Here are a few gifts you can give that should cost you only time and some thought.

1. A Love Prayer. Take a few minutes to bow your head with your mate and pray. Make the prayer all about love…love for your mate, love for your relationship, love for your family. Make it all about the two of you and what you share as a couple.

2. A Love Letter. For those that are not comfortable praying aloud, this may be a fit for you. Now I know you can write. Even if you go back to the roses are red and violets are blue, make the rest of it your own. Note: Do NOT type the letteruse a pen and paper.

3. Sex. This is to the women. While men would love to get this every day from wives, there are several days of the year that sex is truly on our list of to-do’s. This is one of them. Put the kids to bed early so they are in a deep sleep and close the doors. Then go ahead and make the man in your life happy on this day. That’s probably all he wants (no card needed).

There you have it. 3 simple items that hopefully are easy for you to do with your mate. Enjoy the moment…enjoy the atmosphere…enjoy each other.

Look out for more “love made easy” tips in the future.

Love hard and love true.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Cedric and Christel Wells

Cedric and Christel Wells

Cedric and Christel chose to join their lives together on March 6, 2004. Over these seven years, they have endured obstacles that many married couples go through…learning the hard/easy ways to grow and strengthen their bond.