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To Love You Must First Heal [VIDEO]

Greetings my beloved healers,

Healing is the most important aspect to all relationships. Say for instance, you are a marathon runner, and you may have won marathons in the past. Now the upcoming marathon, you have trained like never before so you are mentally ready, your body is in top condition, and your soul has been waiting for this opportunity for years.  You even prayed to God, knowing you haven’t prayed in a long time, asking for His help to win this race. Plus, you have invited all of your family and friends to this special event.

Now five days before the marathon, your cousin asked you to go with her to take a walk in the park. While you and your cousin are walking, you did not notice a rock in the grass. So when you walked on that rock you sprained your left ankle. Now, you haven’t sprained that ankle in three years, and you know the ligaments never truly healed. So, down you go.

You may LOOK physically fit, think mentally clear, FEEL spiritually fit, and if you would to walk down the street with your marathon attire on, you would physically LOOK the part. However, that sprained left ankle will not allow you to ENDURE the twenty five mile run.


Just like that marathon runner who may look the part physically, emotionally, spiritually, and physiologically. But, that unhealed left ankle, like your childhood baggage, has never been totally healed. As a child, we may have been molested, raped, mentally/emotionally abuse by our parent or siblings, heart broken by our teenage boyfriends/girlfriends, teachers may have broken you down psychologically, or you may have been visually deceived by our society (looking at the models in teen magazines). And now you are an adult, you may look healthy mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially, but on the inside you are continue to carry those childhood baggages. Plus, not truly knowing the effects of those childhood experiences.

Therefore, when you meet that new and exciting potential partner, you will only have the ability to enjoy that new loving relationship with them for only three to six months. And after that, here comes those old demons… “There he goes touching my ass while I am asleep,” those recurring childhood molestation emotions. “That hurts, you put it in too fast,” there goes those unhealed recurring childhood rape emotions. “You are cute for a dark skinned girl!” “What! I cannot believe she said that…” there goes those middle school teacher unhealed emotions. “I am too fat!” there goes that childhood teen model magazine unhealed emotion. “That nigga is cheating on me, why that girl/boy from work continues to call MY MAN/WOMAN,” there goes the childhood unhealed passed relationship emotions which recreated those insecure feelings in your new relationships. And that’s been happening to you for the past ten years.  Part 2 coming soon.

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