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Top 10 Black Love Stories On BLF In 2012

2012 was an awesome year for Black Love. We had some awesome stories and we are really proud of Team BLF for bringing us some great inspiration for getting back to healthy Black Love. We chose the following list based on popularity, message content and relevance.  Here goes:

10. 15 Things Every Young Woman Should Know by Jai Stone  and 15 Things Every Young Man Should Know by Richard Evans – Even though these articles are geared mostly towards young single people, we chose these companion posts because we believe they describe the characteristics needed to sustain long term healthy relationships.

9. 25 Black Couples That Changed America by Jentry Peach – Sometimes love is good and sometimes its bad, but we have all been changed in one way or another by these timeless black loves.

8. A Wife’s Journey To Trusting Her Husband by Mairo Akpose-Simpson – Its always wonderful to see personal growth strengthen a relationship. This post author tells an awesome story.

7. Falling In Love Ain’t Shhhhut Your Mouth! by Stephania Vereen – In case you didn’t know, it takes a lot more than love to sustain long term relationships.  Mrs. Vereen goes all in, telling us her version of the process.

6. We’re Having A Baby! by Ross Oscar Knight – One of our few photo blogs, this is a wonderful story of love and family.

5. She’s My Husband’s Mistress by Mairo Akpose-Simpson – What happens when the flame goes out in a marriage, the author tells us how to get the fire burning again.

4. An Inspiring Look At Military Marriage by Delisha Easley – Military families have higher divorce rates than the rest of America, but we found a family that is a shining example of how to make it successful.

3. Ruby Dee & Ossie: The Greatest Love Story Never Told by Jai Stone – Early this year we participated in a fundraiser to create a documentary that showcases the life long love and life of Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis. We know them as icons, but their love story has yet to be told.

2.  14 Most Inspiring Black Couples (2012 Edition) by Jai Stone, Richard Evans & Tai Davis – These are the couples that inspire us in our day to day quest to find and keep love.  We are still in awe of this list!

1. 73 Years of Marriage, Legacy of A Lifetime by Delisha Easley – Yes, you read it correctly…we can’t say enough about how this couple moved a nation with their story.

We would also like to take a moment to THANK our readers for making our site one of the most popular stops on the Black Love Train! We look forward to bringing you more content in 2013.

Team BLF!

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BLF Staff Writer

BLF Staff Writer