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Training And Your Hair

The common issue that I see with most African American women when it comes to training is that they don’t want to mess up their hair. This is the usual response when questioned about why they don’t work out: “I don’t want to sweat my hair out!” Well today I am going to shed some light on sweating your hair out. When you train you’re increasing blood circulation throughout your entire body. While blood circulation is increasing it causes you to sweat and sweat is great for your hair.

African American women spend so much time and money taking care of their hair and buy every hair care product trying to get it to grow, prevent breakage, weaves, etc. If you really want your hair to grow you need to sweat. When you exercise the blood rises to the surface of the skin which increases your internal body temperature which in turn causes you to sweat.

Many African American women wear weaves. Technically you’re protecting your hair while wearing the weave. Isn’t the point of having a weave it to be able to use heat on your hair when you want without damaging your hair? So how can you possibly sweat out something that isn’t technically yours? Another thing African American women use relaxers as well. You cannot sweat out a relaxer! Your hair is already straight so therefore you can go ahead and sweat your life away and not have to really deal with your hair.

The new phase is the natural look. Most African American women are turning to the natural look because they are tired of the chemicals that are put in their hair that cause damage. The natural look is awesome because you can SWEAT and not have any issues.

As a culture we deal with so many underlying health issues that the only thing we really care about is how we look to people we don’t even like. You only have one body and one life it’s time to make both amazing. It’s not about how thin you can get it’s about how much longer you can live. Don’t limit your life expectancy because you’re concerned about sweating out your hair. When you sweat you’re allowing your hair to grow longer. Some women have reported ½” of hair growth in one month. So what’s it going to be: Your hair or your life?


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