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TrendSetta: “Fall Haul” What Stays From Summer And More

This past weekend I got up and engaged in an important annual activity: changing the summer closet to a fall wardrobe. Don’t delay this time because it’s “still nice” out because October will be around the corner as well as the chilly mornings.

When changing the clothes you normally see in your closet all summer long, its important to take inventory of what you have, what can stay and what can go away til June 2013. Take a good look and feel of the materials of your summer clothes. Sometimes its common sense to put away summery linens that wont transition well into fall. You may also have some heavier cottons that will mix well with corduroy, sweaters, and suede leather.

While out shopping I noticed that two colors staying from summer are mint and coral for women, so double check the trending colors and styles/prints before you put them away. Bright colors are still in and can be incorporated with neutral colors and bases for your outfits, so have fun and mix it up, just leave the shorts in the summer box!

Clean it and organize it:

Keep your clothes fresh and organized by taking the time to do the necessary cleaning, dry cleaning, and properly storing your summer garments. You can use storage bins for the clothes or even the vacuum bags that save you space in your home and keep your clothes save throughout the rest of the year. The laundry sections in stores have so many resources available to helping you extend the life of your summer wear.

Shop and store:

If you love a bargain sale like I do, the beat time to buy summer clothes is around this time. Not only can you stick up on essentials, you can get some of the trending looks from summer a lot less. The key is to wear them now into fall or keep them for next summer. Nautical stripes, tribal or animal prints, and color blocking are all in this fall and may very well return for spring and summer, so head over to your favorite clothing store, stock up and save!

Make room for fall styles:

Cleaning out opens tour eyes to what you need for fall and put together items that you already have to complete your fall looks. Putting away those summer clothes also means you bringing out the fall jackets, pants, blazers and accessories and it can be a refreshing experience for those who really enjoy this time of year.

Make the experience even better for your clothes by cleaning the shelves, using the appropriate hangers, and again making a fresh and organized space that you are willing to get dressed in. You would feel uncomfortable in a dirty department store dressing room, so don’t make your closet or walk-in like that. Get some good lighting in the place where you dress, a nice body length mirror, and easy access to your favorite fall accessories. Both men and women can create a space that is ready for fall. And now that you have more space, you can do some shopping after all of that hard work, you deserve it!

What are you keeping from summer for fall?

Tatianah Green is a fashion and lifestyle journalist living in Chicago. You can catch up with her on Twitter at  @TforTrendsetta

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Tatianah Green

Tatianah Green