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TrendSetta: Labor Day Fashion Tips For ‘All White’ Events (For Men & Women)

Labor Day is just around the corner and so are those invitations to “All white” or “White attire” parties. In some fashion circles, wearing white clothes after Labor Day can be a major DON’T. I suggest working with what you have because a lot of the stores may not carry the white garments that you are looking for in late August. Remember when Sean Diddy Combs made them popular? Everyone saw how unique an all white outfit looked and felt.  Not everyone likes to wear all white like Lisa Raye nor has a full outfit, so what are you to do if you get an invite to a white party this weekend? Here are some ways to look your best this weekend.

Classic white and denim combo: In my experience at white attire parties, you really don’t have to wear white from head to toe. There’s nothing like a crisp and clean white cotton shirt with some trendy denim. Depending on if it’s an upscale or casual event, the white and denim combo is a good choice. Make sure that the shirt is white and the denim color depends on the time of day.  For example you can pair a button up shirt with dark rinse skinny jeans for women or dressed jeans for the men. The emphasis is on the white piece of course, but when paired with the right jean (that you already have in your closet) you can be ready for the weekend.

White with pop of color: We’ve been seeing this all year for men and women, pop of color, monochrome and mod styles. This means that if you have only a white top or bottom, pair it with something that is in a trendy color (neons, reds, oranges, etc.). I’d pair white dress with red shoes and accessories, a white blazer with colored pants or shorts, the choice is up to you. You can also do a colored top or jacket with white bottoms.

Accessorize plain white: Shoes should complement but not outshine the garments unless they are white or are the focal point to a simple white outfit. If you have a plain white top, get out those loud shoes you’ve been holding onto for a special occasion and stand out in a major way. Guys can accessorize with ties, pocket squares, hats and bow ties to make their plain white more personalized and unique.

White mixed with prints/textiles: Although it’s okay to wear white after Labor Day, you shouldn’t wear white linens after the holiday simply because it’s made for summer/hot climates and will not transition well into fall. If you want to give the world a preview of what you’ve picked up for the cooler season, you can definitely blend it with white. Prints on trend for fall are usually darker plaids, hound’s-tooth, checkers or animal print. The trendy prints we’ve seen all summer are tribal and florals so ladies and daring men can mix it up too.

White is a blank canvas, how are you going to dress it?

Tatianah Green is a fashion and lifestyle journalist living in Chicago. You can catch up with her on Twitter at  @TforTrendsetta

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