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TrendSetta: Winter Fashion Trends For Men

Okay we’ve already covered some great fashionable gift ideas for women, but what about the dapper gentlemen in your life? Dad, brothers, cousins, uncles and the hubby or boyfriend need to by fly too in the winter time! Now if you are not a big shopper or don’t have any idea on where to start on gifts for men, we’ve got you here on BLF. Here are a few things I’ve found this season that the men in your life will like:

Blazer:  Blazers look great on women and children, but a well-fitted blazer brings out the gentleman in every man. The great thing is now you don’t have to get a full suit to get the look. Dress up the man in your life with blazers for a mature and dressy casual look. I like this option from H&M, a good price for the retail giant at $39.95 and comes in classic black and this dark teal color they call Petrol. Simple sophistication is key when it comes to blazers. Pick out one that is the right size for the gift receiver and then get it tailored once they try it on and keep it. Blazers are good all year round depending on the material.

Watch: Does the man in your life have a love for watches? Watches are a classic gift and look great all year round. Splurge on a quality timepiece for the young man who’s just started in his career or for the season gentleman who appreciates the value of a nice watch. What caught my eye is this taupe Emporio Armani piece. It’s not only have the classic appeal with a modern/urban edge, it’s waterproof and a stainless steel base. For $395 get the guy in your life a piece of Armani for them to wear every day.

Fitwear:  If you have a fitness junkie or athlete in your life, get them ready for the winter months by giving them some quality insulated garments made for fitness. Under Armor has Gameday Goldgear that come in different colors and lengths like this long sleeve grey mock turtleneck ($49.99 online). UA’s site says that the garment circulates heat while keeping you dry and the tight fit (compression) activates your muscles “for increased power and decreased recover time.” Wow science in fashion? Absolutely, when fitness is involved, shop smart and get something that works effectively and still stylish.

Travel Bag: Plan on going out of town for soon? Treat your guy to a gift he can take with him. I love the luxury look in the bags by Zara. The international fashion juggernaut created a nice bag for men on the go and this tan travel bag is on the list for this season. For $90 it has the look of a high fashionable and sophisticated bag with a much smaller price tag; more money saved for the vacation.

Next week we will showcase the newest fragrances for women. Keep up with BLF for more holiday gifts ideas!

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