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Uplifting Your Mate

Relationships are not like back in the day when we would uplift one another and be each other’s support in every aspect. In this day and age we have competitive relationships where you have one mate trying to “out shine” the other. Now there is nothing wrong with an uplifting competitive mate because there you have your motivation; but a mate that sees you trying to do something good with your life or improve yourself and they say things like, “I don’t know why you’re doing that, you’re never going to make it”, or “You ain’t worth two pennies!”. Phrases like those can kill a person mentally, leaving them with low self esteem and as you can imagine that is nowhere near a healthy relationship. We have to learn to uplift our mate, speak life into our mate just as we would like for them to do to us. Even in times where it may look as if there is no tomorrow in certain situations or your mate may come home with a new idea and in the back of your mind you’re like, “What the heck is he/she talking about”; but you never want to be a dream killer. Always inspire them to follow their dreams and actually take interest in their dreams and desires. Showing interest just tells your mate that you are really their number one support system; that gives them drive to make it happen because now they feel that they have a reason to do it. Even when it comes to compliments, they are the major source in uplifting.

Me personally being a woman, mother of four, employee, provider and inspirer, I need that uplifting source in my life just to keep me going. Wearing a lot of hats sometimes causes you to forget who you are and when your mate recognizes and reassures you of how beautiful you are or notices how elegant that new dress you purchased and thought he didn’t notice is, that makes your day so much brighter! This also applies to our wonderful men. Yes I know the old saying is a man is supposed to do this and is supposed to do that but they have feelings just as we ladies do. What man wouldn’t want to come home to an uplifting woman that assures him of his place as a man? Invigorate him with words of encouragement; instead of always waiting for him to ask you how your day went change the pace a little and ask him about his day and take time out to listen to him. Men love when they can confide in their woman, it makes them feel like they are understood and that also eliminates the chance of him confiding in another woman.

Do you think there would be an Obama without Michelle? Or a Heathcliff Huxtable without a Claire? Beside every powerful man is an uplifting woman, telling him he can do it and not allowing him to settle for less than he deserves. You have to be that source of encouragement for your mate at all times, not just when everything looks peaches and cream. An uplifting spirit is a well spirit and it brings life to every relationship in its path, so bring life to your relationship and make it a must to uplift your mate!


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Bianca Lynette

Bianca Lynette

Bianca is a poet, inspirational writer, mother, fiancee and encouraging spirit. Her passion is encouraging and inspiring others with her writings, positive words and affirmations to show them that there is hope for tomorrow.

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  1. Tariq
    April 3, 2012 at 5:35 PM

    Very inspiring and motivational…LOVE IT!