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Us Against The World: 3 Types of People To Keep Out of Your Relationship Drama

People love drama. They don’t care if it’s on a reality show, Facebook, or in the cubicle next to them! There is nothing more addictive than observing and commentating on other’s misfortunes. As much as we all try to front like we are “drama free”, every one of us can’t help but look (or click) twice when we see a situation brewing.

As we all know, marriage is not exempt to drama. When you put two people who grew up in separate homes and have distinct life experiences together, something is going to eventually pop off. The pressures of maintaining a marriage, household, career, and in some cases children can make the coolest brotha or the most yen sista lose his/her damn mind!

Issues aside, you and your spouse have to always remember that you are a dynamic duo. So, if you want to keep your team intact, then make sure you save the drama from:

1)      Your Mama n Dem

When you are pissed with your spouse, it’s so easy to call up a close family member and vent about your argument. DON’T DO THIS! Your family is going to be naturally inclined to side with you (even if you are dead wrong) because of your familial bond. And, because of their instinct to protect you, they will remember the situation and may even continue to harbor negative feelings toward your spouse long after you two have made up.

2)      Your Social Media Clan

First, it is none of their business what goes on in your house. Second, you can’t get mad at everyone talking about and remixing the details of your drama if you freely post it online. Third, it’s immature and disloyal to bad mouth your mate in an open forum.

3)      Your Co-Workers

We spend more time with our co-workers during the work week than we do our families. So, it is easy to feel like you can have mini therapy sessions with them. However, we have to remember that co-workers are just like your social media clan. You are at work to be a professional and to make career moves, not to be the subject of break room gossip. Furthermore, if you are confiding in another (wo)man at work, you are opening the doors for infidelity to creep in.

Of course, in serious cases such as abuse, you would want to seek help from someone your trust. But, for those day to day woes, it’s best to find a creative outlet and take time to cool down first. Then, work it out with the person you want to spend your forever with. It’s not about making others think your marriage is perfect, but it’s about protecting your marriage from outside influences.

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Tai'sha Gooden

Tai'sha Gooden

Tai'sha Gooden is a twentysomething dreamer, blogger, writer, music lover, poet, mom, and wife. She has a passion for encouraging others to emotionally, physically, and mentally nourish their bodies and spirits.