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Walking In Heels That Don’t Fit!

What woman can’t appreciate a gorgeous pair of brand new heels! **sigh**  I know I certainly can! But what happens when you try on those beautiful shoes and they just don’t seem to fit quite right. No matter how much you squeeze, stretch or inch your foot, they just don’t fit. And of course as fate would have it, your oh so perfect dream heels happen to fit perfectly on your best friend, mother, sister, co-worker or some random stranger across the way?

So what do you do now? Selfishly purchase the heels and keep them tucked away in your closet, try to walk in them which ultimately ends in an uncomfortable limp or do you graciously let them go and allow the next person to experience the blessing?

You may even find yourself wondering in agony about why those heels fit her so perfectly; well it’s because they were tailor made specifically for her. The Universe blesses us with gifts that are uniquely ours and no one, no matter how hard they try, can have them!

Oftentimes we become envious of the “success” we “think” others are experiencing, that we make ourselves miserable trying to figure out why things are going so well for them. We become so fixated on trying to “show them” that we can do it better. As a result, we end up miserable with corns and bunions because we were trying to walk in heels that we’re too high or didn’t fit.

Horses have blinders on when they run their race so they can only focus on what’s in front of them. Without blinders, a horse can see almost completely behind itself without turning its head and can be easily frightened by movement or objects it doesn’t recognize. By having fewer distractions the horse is more dependable and stays focused on getting the job done.

We can learn a lesson from the horse in blinders. Instead of trying to compete and measure up to others, we need to put on our blinders so that we can focus on our accomplishing our God given purpose.

My sisters let’s stop walking in heels that don’t fit! Let’s stop trying to be something or someone that we’re not? It may very well be the reason that we are experiencing some discomfort and/or resistance. And most importantly, let’s stop hatin’ on each other for the “hate” is simply a reflection of how we truly feel about ourselves. Let’s lift each other up in support and encouragement. It’s doesn’t take anything away from us if we so happen to compliment another sister on her heels!

To thine own self be true!  No matter how hard we try, we can never walk in anyone else’s heels BUT we can however ask her where she got hers and then go and get our own pair that fits!

Just imagine how much more fabulous we would look walking in our own pair of heel….our own destiny!

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TaMara Campbell

TaMara has more than 18 years experience of coaching, speaking, writing and teaching about human sexuality and intimate relationships so there’s very little that she hasn’t heard about sex.