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Welcome to the Garage Sale

Recently a new friend of mine told me that she loves attending garage sales. Being that I do not know her all that well, I had no idea. Of course, looking at her apartment, one would never know if any of that at one time was someone elses because she indeed keeps her place clean. However, the visual of her going to garage sales got me to thinking about the term and the concept in a bigger context.

The concept of a garage sale as we all should know is to sale the things in your home or garage that you no longer want and possibly make a little money off of them being bought by someone else who actually wants it.  As the saying goes “one persons junk is another persons treasure.”  Well, when you think about it, any of us over the age of say….20 who have been in more than one true relationship in our lives, could actually be considered “garage sale” material. Not because we are out in the garage, but because apparently someone who we previously have dealt with no longer wants us. Or conversely, we no longer want them (which would make them garage sale material).

On the surface it sounds somewhat crude and possibly offensive for me to call people garage sale material and truthfully in the context in which I put it, it comes across as negative. However, once you get beneath the surface of it, you will see that what I am saying has some merit.

You were at one point in a relationship and the other person liked you to some degree (I hope).  After awhile and for whatever reasons, one of you two decided that you no longer wanted the other.  When that happened, both of you guys broke up. It was at the point of break up and no reconciliation that one or both of you became garage sale material. The reason why, if the person that did wrong truly knew your worth or felt you valuable enough to keep, he/she would not have messed up in the first place.

Take heart though, even if you are garage sale material, remember this, there would be no garage sales if there were not a demand for them.  People get up early on the weekends just to go from house to house to buy other peoples stuff. Same thing in relationships. People go from relationship to relationship until they find what they wanted and could not do without.  In essence, the junk that we get rid of allows us to make room for new stuff and allows someone else the opportunity to find a better usage for what we got rid of.  So the next time you are breaking up, consider it a garage sale opportunity and get yourself ready for when the next person comes your way looking for that one thing that they simply had to have. Appreciate the one that gave you up because he/she allowed you to go to someone that valued you far more than they did.

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