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What Happens In Vegas…Bob Shares On Facebook

Our Facebook group (TCC) is an awesome place to share stories, learn and grow.  But on certain days we come prepared to buckle our seat belts and this past Wednesday was a ride for the record books.  See what kept us going on What The Hell Wednesday.  Because we have so much dialog flying around in the group, we have some rules. One such rule is that posts are limited to 10 lines.  But rules are made to be broken, when you read this story from one of our members, you will understand why.  We are going to name the story teller ‘Vegas Bob’.


Internet Dating WTH: So I met a young lady on one of these websites. I think it was ChristianMingle… She has a great personality, always laughing, always bubbly. She lived in Indiana at the time and was planning to move to Chicago. After we talked over the phone for about 4 months we decided the first time we’d meet would be in Chicago. Then from Chicago her, her best friend and I would fly to Vegas. Sounds like fun? Of course it does! Let’s GO! So I hop on a plane and get to Chicago, met her best friend. He’s a gay guy… Ok no biggie, long as he keep his hands to his self I’m good. We make it to the airport again, found out that our seating was messed up. She snapped. Got it handled but on the second flight we ended up in the back row where the seats didn’t recline… 3 hours yall. Got to Vegas, finally, caught a cab to the hotel and they messed the room up. She snapped. The man down at the desk was acting like a jerk about it. She snapped AGAIN. Got the room straight, got back on the elevator got settled in she’s still tense. So I attempted to give her a back rub. She’s cool with that, so I’m rubbiing and when she stretched her arms above her head, her shirt went up a little and I noticed a tattoo. TO BE CONTINUED.


  • I wanna hear the rest
  • Moderators: PLEASE let him finish..I need to hear this..LOL
  • I want to hear too, that is why it wasn’t deleted. Rules are made to be broken…especially on WTHW.


I look a little closer and the tattoo said “Julio” and all I could think about was how she said “I HATE MEXICANS” in a previous conversation… Now you would think that this was the WTH moment… Nope. But I thought it. Ok we’ve all done something dumb… just not sooo… permenant… Right? Movin on. We fall asleep and the next day we wake up EARLY and her and her best friend are on the phone discussing the “agenda”… aight whatever, less thinking more fun. Then I heard her say “NOOO! I don’t want to tell him yet” “man what ever… aight”. My eyes are big. I hear the bathroom door open and she came and sat down on the bed. “Bae, I need to tell you something”. I took a deep breath and said “go ahead”. After a short akward pause she began spilling the beans. and I quote “Um… The reason why we came here is cause my best friend and I are going to get married. He’s from Africa and he’s about to be deported. If he get’s sent back to Africa they will kill him because he is gay. He showed me messages that were sent to his family about how they know what he is, where he is, and if he get’s deported and sent back home, they are going to kill my best friend”  TO BE CONTINUED


  • Waiting with baited breath!! Phuck the rule!!
  • Yeah, Jai Stone and that Damn rule LOL…
  • Internet dating stories can be something else. CRAZINESS!!!


And we need you to be a witness. NOW, I’m like WTH… She want’s to know… If I’m gone still be around… After she married her gay best friend… At this very moment my brain switched to survival mode. “Uuum Sure!” O_o… Mind you this is day 1 of 3.5… (I understand it, I don’t want dude to die either, but I can’t be apart of these chinanigans) and The first thing on the agenda for the day, Find a chapel and the court house. Sooooo, after riding the bus for about 4 hours in the Vegas heat we FINALLY found the court house and do you know she had the nerve… to look over and ask me “what’s wrong”… Lol I didn’t say nothing, my mind set was let’s just have as much fun as I can and when I get home I’m done. I am NOT gone be on the other side of the country with a psycho and a gay African pissed off at me cause I didn’t go along with the plan. BTW something I forgot to mention, he was holding all the tickets… Aight, after they got done in the court house of course there are people lined up out side of the court house to offer their services as for the actual cerimony. They picked one, we got in the car and went to this little place on the side of a building and they actually said their VOWS before GOD! Yall i don’t play with that. It might have been play play for them but it was real enough for me. They went to all the little rooms and took pictures with the different back grounds like they had went on a honey moon and fake kissed… I wish yall could have seen that gay dudes face. TO BE CONTINUED…AGAIN


  • I thought they had “witnesses” available in vegas. why did they need you?
  • Save all questions till the end of the presentation please. We trying to get somewhere here.
  • Shut it!! Don’t distract him!! I wanna here how this turns out.


I took a couple photos for them to show the people when they come to visit THEM in Chicago to see how the marriage is going. You would think, in Vegas, that these over night manufactured weddings would be cut and dry. Naah, the lady who held the ceremony is ordained and she is SERIOUS. But anyway, we get done and she is still talking to them about how to make it last and what not while we are waiting on the driver to come give us our ride back to the hotel. 15 minutes went by. She snapped. 30 minutes went by. She snapped again. An hour went by. This girl jumped out of her seat walked out of the door and marched her happy head ass ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE HOTEL!!! Me and the gay dude walking as FAST as we can behind her trying to at least just keep an eye on her to make sure she is ok. Yall, we got to Vegas at 3AM and it was 103 degrees outside. This was high HEAT! 120+ Had to be at least 2 miles and no I’m not exagerating. But she made it. Me and the gay dude stop by the store and got everybody slushies. I got her cherry, it is her favorite. We need a some kind of plan to calm her down. We got back to the hotel about 20 minutes after she did and she was in line at the front desk crying pissed and ready to go ham. You know as soon as we saw here we started jogging like the secret service. To find out what happened NOW!


  • HaHa “Jogging like the secret service” CLASSIC
  • Bouncing in my seat…What happened next daddy Bob, what happened next??
  • Where did you find this bi-polar chick
  • Didn’t he say ChristainMingle?

Now the TCC group chat box is going crazy because of all the pauses. It was like waiting for the movie to start again. People were waiting for Vegas Bob to come back.


She is still pissed about the room. It wasn’t what was reserved online and she either want some money back or the room they reserved. Ok that’s cool… You go sit over there… And we’ll handle it (says the gay best friend). NO! YOU GO SIT DOWN…. OVER THERE… HERE DRINK THIS, YES TASTE IT. IT’S CHERRY. BOB PICKED IT JUST FOR YOU” She sipped and proceeded to the nearest chair like a big kid. We talked to the gentleman at the desk, explained, pointed at her, he saw her face…instant upgrade. We had a Jacuzzi, huge window with a view on the TOP floor! lol What’s second on the agenda… Find some weed… LOL I was tired she couldn’t wait it was a little after 12am and we really haven’t been to sleep in the past 2 days. But she went out after I dozed off and actually caught a ride with a stranger outside of the city to go get some weed! got back about 4 hours later, woke me up and 2 dubs was laying next to me. I was hoping it was a dream but she was still there. Yall I quit smoking 11 years ago. But I smoked that night. Phuck it I’m in Vegas and I need something besides liquor. We smoked went to the club and all I remember after that part was finally getting back on the plane to go back to Chicago. Back in Chi I met the gay guys uuum… Guy.. Friend? He was cool, I stayed the night in chi, and she gave me a ride back to the airport in the morning. I got home safe, of course she called. I told her how I felt and she proceeded to cuss me out saying how I just used her to go to Vegas… WHAT THE HELL!!!!!


  • How did you USE her when she didn’t tell you about the gay african dude until the day of the ‘wedding’…WTHW!
  • For a minute I thought SHE was Julio…LOL
  • DIZZAM! Good story! Tell another! Tell another!
  • Sounds like Hangover Pt 3!
  • I thinkit is funny but not sure too many pauses
  • “Cherry slushies are her favorite”…LMAO

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