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What Martin And Coretta Taught Us About Black Love

We could not allow ‘King Day‘ to pass without acknowledging one of the greatest Black Loves of all time. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King have long been icons not only in the Black Community, but around the world, thus this holiday.  The list of Dr. King’s contributions is both wide and long and his wife’s preservation of his legacy (and then some) will lengthen the list miles more.  But I thought it would be a good time for us to focus on what we have learned from this dynamic couple about black love and relationships.

When I think of The King Family, I am often overcome with a sense of reverence, and having lived in Atlanta for the past 17 years the emotion is all the greater.  You can’t live in this town and NOT gain great respect for the love and sacrifice that the Kings have selfishly doled out over the years.  I think relationships today can stand to learn a great deal from Martin and Coretta.

Dr. King died in 1968, 3 years before I was born.  So all I have to learn from are pictures, videos and stories.  One thing that seems to be clear is that not only were Martin and Coretta in love, they actually liked each other a great deal.  And while all the formal accounts of their relationship showcase a driven leader and his supportive wife, we have found many photos that showcase intimacy and public displays of affection (PDAs)…kinda reminds of a little of Barrack and Michelle (just short of the ‘fist bump’).

I polled our Facebook Group  and asked them what we could stand to learn from Dr. and Mrs. King’s relationship.  Here are some of their answers.

  • “Undying loyalty & devotion through extreme adversity, ’til death do you part.”
  • “When you find someone to BELIEVE IN, love happens…”
  • ” Unconditional love, riding til the wheels fall off!”
  • ” We believe she remained “without” because her love never died for him that no amount of space or time could separate her from the man and his mission, which she supported to the very, very end. What can we learn from the Kings? Love really can endure.”
  • ” Understanding that everything the two went through was bigger than them.”
  • “The true essence of black love; loyalty, dedication and understanding!”
  • “The King relationship took invested time, patience and a commitment.”

Please share with us how The King’s have influenced your Black Love.

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Jai Stone

Jai Stone

Jai Stone, is often referred to as the Emotional Nudist. A phrase that defines her brand of authentic living. With nearly 20 years in the marketing industry Jai has become a well respected social media expert and is also the founder of the Black Love Forum Movement.