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Classic Black: 7 Reasons Why Doug E. Fresh Will NEVER Get Old!

Two weeks ago, I was living ‘la vida loca’ in Las Vegas at the Blogalicious 2012 Conference.  I had a ton of fun meeting some of the best bloggers on the planet  IRL (in real life)…FINALLY!  There was no shortage of networking and furious fun!  But I must say, the highlight of conference was a private soiree sponsored by Gain featuring the incomparable Doug E. Fresh.  C’mon Doug E. Fresh and Gain Fresh, it was damn ingenious!! Yep, I believe I was the first one to lose mind when Doug E. was confirmed, it took me all of  “6 minutes” to go ape sh*t crazy!!

As I checked with other conference attendees, it seemed that I wasn’t the only one that was excited.  And by the time we got to ” the show”, I had was darn near ready to fight my fellow ATLien Swarthy Daisy for a spot down front (dang Swarthy…it’s like THAT!!).  For the next 2 hours we danced, chanted, sweated and sang our asses off with Doug E. leading us like a zombie mob of alien hip hop heads!! As I checked out the crowd, I could see folks signing along and pointing at each other.  It didn’t matter what ethnicity they were, they ALL knew the lyrics.  I started to think about how I was in high school when I became a Doug E. fan, and here we are 20 years later and this dude still moves the crowd like WHAT!!!  He looked good, smelled good and moved damn good….in case you didn’t know, we saw a hell of a show!!  Mr. Fresh even took the time to show us the BLUEPRINT for the ‘Doug E. dance’…how cool was that (check out Swarthy Daisy’s video clip of the Doug E. Tutorial)!  Did I mention that he hit the DJ booth for a spell? The only way it could have gotten better was if you pulled Slick Rick out of a box….nahhhh, not even then!!

So why is it that this cat is not only still in demand after 20 years, but he is still one of the most respected and highly imitated MC’s of all time??  And what’s more, he has a whole NEW generation of fans, my 13 year old niece was screaming louder than me when I showed her the pictures (ok, maybe not).  Let me give you 7 reasons why Doug E. will NEVER get old.

1. He doesn’t get old – No, really he doesn’t seem to have aged in that last 16 years or so.  I’m not sure what his diet is, but I want some.

2. He is an originator – This guys is creative from his beat box down to his sneakers.  He doesn’t imitate anyone, he sets the standard and pushes it.

3. He is so damn cool – After all the MCing and Doug Eing I swear I didn’t see one bead of sweat.  He just makes everything smooth and easy.  I stalked, err talked to him briefly after the show, he even TALKS smooth!!

4. He moves the crowd – Not just with his own music, he seems to have an uncanny sense musical timing.  He knew exactly how to bring us to a boil then let us simmer down.  (Shout out to DJ Benzo, who held down the turntables while Doug E. graced the stage).

5. He’s a hustler – The man will always find a way to remain relevant.  He knows his contribution and value and he is smart enough to know how to capitalize on his reputation.  Say like opening a restaurant in New York, that he was sure to mention during his show…smart move Doug E.

6. He’s professional – He gave endless shout outs to the Blogalicious brand and Gain, even re-working some of the lyrics to fit in the sponsor’s name.  I’m thinking this guy is probably performing some place different every other night, how does he keep it all straight??!!  It surely made us feel all warm and fuzzy and like we were important enough for him to invest in knowing us.

7. He’s just a nice guy – The one thing that I have heard consistently about Doug E. over the years is that he is a nice guy.  He was certainly gracious with his fans…Did I tell yall that he even ReTweeted my Doug E.  ‘shout out’ video?

I don’t think there is anything left to say, except if you ever get a chance to catch a live show with Doug E. Fresh… “don’t miss the show”.  Now, let me take a minute to say thanks to Team Blogalicious and Team Gain for creating one of the most memorable nights I’ve had in years.

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Jai Stone

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