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Why My Wife’s Support Translates To Respect

“A man wants to be respected; a woman wants to be loved.”

How many times have we heard this?  Implicit in the statement’s reasoning is men and women need two separate things to function well in relationships.  I can’t speak on what feeds a woman’s need to be loved.  I can however, speak on one key component of a man’s need to feel respected.  It’s support!

I’d venture to say that if a survey was taken and 100 men were asked what helps them feel respected by their woman, one of the most common answers would be “she supports me.”  A man who knows that his woman supports him is a man who will accomplish much.  He’s willing to go the extra mile, even when he feels like giving up, to reach a goal.  Why?  All because there is a woman behind him who sees where he’s going.

Much of this is predicated on the man having, at the very least, a destination in mind.  If he can articulate his vision for his, and by extension, their future, then a woman has something to get behind.  It shows she *believes* in him.  She believes in where he’s taking them.  If he loses his direction for a time, his woman’s support can get him back on track.

Yet not every man implicitly has this direction, or drive to make something happen.  A woman who has this man’s back is arguably even more important.  She can give clarity to his thoughts, and point him in the right direction.  Ideally, as he gets closer to his destiny, she’ll be there by his side.  Her faith in him will be rewarded because in this instance, she was the catalyst for him first defining, then reaching his goal.

It’d be foolish to not mention that a man working toward a goal provides a sense of security for his woman; especially if she can see the end result.  Even the man who needs a push in getting moving can provide this.  It lets their woman know that he’s not aimlessly going through life.  He has a defined plan that gives him purpose.  And we know that a man with a purpose is one who has convictions.  This…is the man that a woman will support, and gladly follow.

Men:  Do you have goals you’re working toward?  If not, why?  Is your woman helping you reach the goals, or at least helping you define a goal?

Ladies:  Is your man on a defined path?  If so, how are you supporting him?  If not, what are some things you can do to help him get pointed in the right direction?

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Darrk Gable

Darrk Gable

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