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Why Women (Try) To Act Like A Man

Have you ever met a woman who proudly proclaims she “thinks like a man” but in reality she “acts like a man,” when it comes to love matters. She tries to stay in control emotionally by appearing emotion-Less.  She agrees to have sex with no ties, but weeks later she may have an extreme emotional outburst which no one can figure out.

These are classic symptoms of a woman who is determined never to get hurt again.  She would rather tell herself that she is in control, but really she has lost control in past and is trying to get it back. Not realizing she is really hurting herself in the long run. Trying to punish someone new for what someone in the past has done never works well (in my opinion).

Whether it comes to a man or a woman, if you choose to ignore your natural tendencies you will eventually burst at the seams.  If you have to play mental games with others at your expense, it won’t be long until you realize that you will never get what you want if you continue pretending to be something you were never created to be.

There is a reason why men think the way they think and are successful with it.  It is natural for them to guard their feelings.  Women on the other hand need to feel and be able to express those feelings in a safe place.

If you are trying to control your feelings to the extent of it being unnatural, ask yourself what you are trying to protect yourself from.  If you know someone who has done this, did they get what they wanted, or did it make them more bitter or upset? Share you stories with me below or tweet me @talktoemmaj.

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Emma J. Wallace

Emma J. Wallace

Known for her ability to use her keen intuition, compassion, and understanding Emma J. Wallace has a bottom line approach that people value when it comes to giving honest advice. She wastes no time helping those who have lost hope when it comes to love. As a Life and Relationship Coach, Emma is experienced in getting to the root of the issue no matter what capacity she is working in.