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WOW, I Need To Think About This

I had a moment with life this past weekend and it really had me pondering my future.

One of my very good friends got married over the weekend…CONGRATS AGAIN LUV!!!  I actually missed the entire ceremony …not on purpose like one person I know, but that’s her cross to bear…smh. SIDEBAR: That right there is a tell tell sign that she’s a bitter braude…BUT that’s not what this post is about…

I made it right as the ceremony ended and I was able to see them taking pictures right before the reception. My friend looked AMAZING in her white lace gown…this was her dream and she held out eight years for it…yes eight years! I had a blast…even when the guy who caught the garter pushed me in front the bouquet so I could catch it…that was cute until I found out he was 21… *whomp whomp*

A little background on the bride and groom: she’s a singer, he’s a musician, both for the church; he was her first, but she was not HIS last; the friends hated him for a long time for his many indiscretions, but she loved him always.They have a daughter who takes after a bit of both of them and she is just too adorable for words.  He proposed over the holidays’ and the rock he gave her was fit for a queen; and she whipped that wedding and reception together in a month! Her reasoning: she didn’t want him to change his mind. lol And as their first song, they played Etta James “At Last”…there couldn’t have been a better song.

Now this brings me to my pondering moment…my friend put eight years into their relationship. She went through some REAL BS with this guy…even her auntie told me that her niece was better than her…she would’ve dropped him long time ago…and I agreed. But when I looked at the definition of love in the Bible; 1 Corinthians 13:4, a couple of things stuck out to me. “Love is patient…love keeps no records of wrong…love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.” And now I’m confused again…

My friend was ALL of these and she got what AND who she wanted…but what does this mean for every other single woman who wants a husband and says “I’m not putting up with no mess!”? Myself included…but there is always some kind of mess when dating, some more extreme than others, so I guess the REAL question is “How much mess are we willing to put up with for the person we love?”



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B. Knight

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