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WTH! “Whitney Was A Drug Addict That Abandoned Her Child…”

Before you cuss me out like a Mob Wife, I wasn’t the person that said this, or should I say TWEETED this!  However I was the one that nearly got into a ‘ Twitter Brawl’ over the comment. Here I was minding my own business glued to my seat watching what was possibly the most boring damn Grammy’s show in the history of ALL awards shows (don’t get me started), patiently waiting for the Whitney Houston Tribute by Jennifer Hudson.  As usual I was reading through tweets from some of my FAVORITE tweeters and BAM, that’s when I saw this nonsense re-tweeted:

“RT @____ who cares what you think, Whitney Houston is a drug addict that abandoned her child and is not deserving of a tribute!”

I was like ‘hell to the nawl’!!! I waited patiently for someone to put this hussy on blast, and to my surprise I saw only 2 responses and they both said the same thing.. “WOW!”  WTH!!! Is that all yall have to say???!! I was trying to count to 10 or sumpthin, but those anger management tactics alluded me. Then I saw a tweet from the ‘snarkalicious’ Jai Stone:

“Whitney deserves a tribute for what she MEANT to millions, not who she WAS to a few”

#POW, #WOW and #BAM!!! Finally somebody put it out there!  How you gonna trash Whitney Houston on a widely respected, international public national platform? (Yes, Johnny and Jane come lately’s Twitter is the Huffington Post of those that like to stay ‘in the know’ 24/7).  (BTW: no worries if you don’t know what all these symbols and Twitter jargon mean, I will tell you at the end of my post)

What Whitney Meant To Me

So enough with my ranting about that Twi-diot her 15 seconds of fame are up.  So before Madam Snarkalicious (Jai Stone) kicks me off this blog for going over the word limit, let me re-focus.  Like Jai so eloquently said “…for what she has MEANT to millions”.  I’ve been a HUGE fan since I was a youngster, I always felt we were kindred spirits of some sort.  She was always the epitome of grace and class when she was on stage, but she could quickly turn into a street savvy broad in a heart beat, ESPECIALLY if you messed with her kid or her man.  I’m sure most sistahs can  relate to that alter-ego that kicks in when somebody funks with the folks you love!  So Ms. Whitney will forever live in my heart not only as the greatest VOICE of all time, but as a REAL sistah’s sistah!  Yes, I’m aware of her personal struggle with drugs, but that doesn’t change what she meant to the world, and “that’s all I have to say about that” (in my Forrest Gump voice).

Favorite Whitney Moment

My favorite Whitney Houston Moment was when she called into the Wendy Williams radio show back in 2003 (long before the television show was conceived). What can I say…Whit gave Wen the BIZZZZ! I still LMBO every time I hear this. Please share your favorite Whitney Houston Moment with me on Twitter @JentryPeach using the hashtag #WhitneyFavs.  This is my first post for BlackLoveForum.com and I would love to hear your feedback with me here on the site, via Twitter of Facebook 

Also as promised. Here is a Glossary of Twitter Jargon and Jentry-isms.

Twitter Glossary
  • Tweet – statement or status update posted by a Twitter user (140 characters or less)
  • Tweeters – Twitter users
  • @____ – the @ symbol goes before a person’s user name on Twitter
  • # or Hashtag – tagging system on Twitter that allows you to follow a singular conversation
  • RT (ReTweet) – passing along an original tweet
  • Twi-diot – Folks that talk crazy on Twitter
  • WTH – What the Hell!
  • Bizzz – To give someone a hard time
  • Twitter Brawl – Like a street fight, but on Twitter
  • Snarkalicios – Ask Jai Stone (LOL)

Stay Peachy Folks

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