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GREAT XCAPES: Macon, GA – Cherry Blossom Festival

MACON, GA – If you ever take the time to chat with me, you will find out in short order that I hail from the ‘Heart of Georgia’, Macon.  I’m pretty proud of that fact because our little town has given wings to some of the world’s greatest talent.  Legends like Little Richard, Otis Redding, and Jason Aldean were born in Mactown while other greats like Lena Horne and James Brown called it home for years.  And for all our celebrity, boasting the thing that Macon is known for worldwide is being ‘The Cherry Blossom Capital of The World’.  Yep, that’s right!! Macon, Georgia has more Japanese Cherry Trees (Yoshino) than any place on earth, over 300k to be exact.

I’m sure you can tell by now that we southerners look for any good reason to ‘put on the dog’ (translation: have a fancy party) and trees are as good a reason as any.   So the Cherry Blossom Festival started about 30 years ago.  I still remember the first one when I was about 10.  I can remember all the celebrities that used to come to town, it was great excitement to meet The Four TopsSally Jesse Raphael and my favorite was Bob Barker.

For nearly 2 weeks, the whole town (nearly 350k residents) gets involved and there are parties and events all over town.  Did I mention that they block off the streets of downtown just so visitors can have free reign of the festivities?  And there is a historic Cherry Blossom Trail, which is incredibly romantic on a sunny afternoon.  And you visit wouldn’t be complete without the world famous PINK PANCAKES.

If you are in the Middle Georgia area,  then I personally recommend the ‘Pinkest Party On Earth’, its a great event for families and couples.  Its a laid back experience full of southern charm and relaxed living.  Its been many years since I’ve made time to go to the festival, but I still hold the warm memories close to my heart.

FESTIVAL DATES: March 16-25th, 2012

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Jai Stone

Jai Stone

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