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You Don’t Have to Lie to Kick It…

As a mid 20 something female professional, the one thing I can’t stand more than reptiles is a liar…which is unfortunately inevitable in the dating/relationship realm…but I’m sure you knew that already.

And I mean men tell the dumbest lies ever! Like on a Friday you say “ Oh I have to fly down to Fort Lauderdale about this job on Sunday” …on a Sunday my dude? Or one of my personal favorites: “ She’s not my girlfriend, we just changed our relationship statuses in Facebook so she wouldn’t get stalked by this guy.”

Believe me, I’ve found myself with the screw face more times than I care to count, and God forbid we ever call a brother out on his lies while we’re JUST dating, we’re labeled either crazy or drama-filled if we do that. *sigh* It’s frustrating…yet sadly comically, because most of time all you really can do IS laugh….which is way better therapy than crying…just saying.

But the one thing that has proven to be effective in getting past the “meeting the representative” stage is to trust your women’s intuition…or spirit of discernment…or spidey sense…whatever you refer to it as, it’s all the same, and we ignore it… all the same. Or even worse, mistake it for the proverbial “butterflies” that every woman is supposedly in search of.

Ladies, harness that gift, then use your better judgment to avoid wasting your time with the un-worthy, because we women always claim  “I had no idea he could…blah blah blah”, but the red flags are always there…right from the beginning if we just look and listen.


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B. Knight

B. Knight

Her name is Brittany Knight, but you can call her “B” as everyone else does. She is a driven right brained individual residing in Atlanta, GA, and the first thing you should know about her is that she is a writer…period. Directly following that is dreamer.