You So Crazy!

One of my all-time favorite shows of the 90’s is Martin. In fact, I have all of the seasons on DVD; continue to watch the re-runs on MTV and TVOne; and even use the DVR from time to time when I’m going to miss one of the classics. I can admit it. I’m a fanatic. The episodes are full of relatable jokes, clever punch-lines, and not to mention the wise cracks on each other’s flaws: Martin’s ears; Gina’s head. Now, Martin by all means is a natural talent packed with gut-wrenching humor. But the relationship that Martin and Gina shared was to this day one of the most sought after romances. They cried. They loved. And most importantly…They laughed! The one attribute that both of these comedian-actors had was their ability to crack-up at their relationship.

Okay, I know that it was just a “show” but there were some key traits that any couple, whether married or dating, can take from it. Hands down, their relationship was full of fun. Their ability to laugh took the seriousness out of what trying to build a love that will stand the test of time can bring. My hubby and I interact similar to how ole’ short Marty Mar and Muscle-butt did. To this day, I find myself, out of love, laughing at the way he dances. When it comes to a little two-step, I swear I don’t know if he’s moving to the lyrics or the beat—comical. But the tables are quickly turned when he jokes on how big my eyes are—not to mention how the way my derriere hangs to the floor has become the “butt” of our jokes—no pun intended.

When it comes to the way couples communicate, it doesn’t always have to be so serious. It can and should come in the form of a good ole’, wholesome chuckle that is shared as often as possible. They say that “laughter is the closest distance between two people,” so allowing the funny things that you find in each other can not only draw you closer, but strengthen the way you say what you say. It’s important that you take time to find things in your relationship to laugh at all in the name of love.

At the end of our real-life segment, the laughter we share has added value to our relationship and even exposed some hidden talent. My hubby should really be on stage. But even though most of the jokes are on me (quite often), in the end, I find myself grabbing my man by the ears just to say, “You so crazy!”

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Lakia Brandenburg

Lakia Brandenburg

Lakia is an accomplished writer and educator with a heart for love and relationships. She's written for Gospel Today and has freelanced for top national magazines such as Upscale. Creating a happily ever after story to be your reality.