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IGNITE: Young & Powerful For Obama Honors Jai Stone

As most of you know, I’m all about building healthy relationships and promoting personal growth.  Over the past couple of years, this has become my life’s mission, work and focus.  Quite simply, I believe this is my divinely ordered path.  I’m often and still amazed by how many people follow my brands.  Folks that are actually IGNITED by the same things that motivate me…people that appreciate the ‘voice’  and reach that I have been so graciously given.  I’m thankful for my journey!

Last week, I was graced with yet another honor in this divine calling (blushing and gushing right now).  I was recently notified that I am being honored by the Young & Powerful for Obama as one of the 2012 Rising Stars!! Wait, WHAT???!! Yep, I’m still in shock even just typing this!!

This award is presented yearly to a leader that embodies a deep commitment to social activism through a proven track record of transforming this commitment into effective action. Recipients of the Rising Star Award have demonstrated leadership ability, creativity, and integrity.


When I looked at the list of fellow honorees, I see some ASTOUNDING game changers, and then there is me!!  ME — The girl they called fat, overly-opinionated, too talkative and too smart for her own damn good. The chick who just one year ago, closed down an award winning marketing firm to build a blog and a brand around her passions.  The servant who was FINALLY obedient.  What a difference a year, a dream and a little bit of courage can make!!

It would be my most esteemed pleasure if you would join me an the other honorees on Thursday, October 25th at the Atlanta – IGNITE reception.  Now excuse me while I go and jump up an down on my couch (Tom Cruise style)!!


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Jai Stone

Jai Stone

Jai Stone, is often referred to as the Emotional Nudist. A phrase that defines her brand of authentic living. With nearly 20 years in the marketing industry Jai has become a well respected social media expert and is also the founder of the Black Love Forum Movement.

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